Parakeet Puffed Up – Why & What Does It Mean?


Birds are indeed the love for everyone. All of their features are highly cherished. No matter how much tricky it sometimes turns to manage them, pet lovers still don’t resist keeping them. There are so many birds that are marked as pets. They are mostly chosen as per their behavioural features and looks. After all, no one likes to keep a pet bird that has nothing exciting and appealing.

If we talk about parakeets, they are one of the most lovable birds. People commonly name them differently as per their different cultures. Furthermore, the way these birds show warm gestures to their owners, they are appreciated forever.

When it comes to their habits, often parakeets are seen puffed up. This is a sort of their management of environmental changes. Although this does not dull their attraction yet, bird owners are always very keen about their every minor act. In this blog, we believe all of your queries about puffed-up parakeets will be resolved. Let’s get started.

If you own a pet bird parakeet, for sure, you will be interested in knowing everything they do. It is, therefore, reasonably essential to take notes and research thoroughly before you buy your new pet. If you don’t follow up like this, maybe after some time, you will anticipate how they will act in a situation or perhaps be disappointed if they don’t work as you expect. One of the everyday habits of parakeets is that they puff up themselves. Now, something to stop and ponder here is that why they do so? A simple answer to this query will be given here.

Parakeets puff themselves to regulate and keep up the control on their body temperature. It is pretty casual for them to do so. Despite this, if you find your parakeet puffed up for very long periods, there might be something wrong. Also, a general weakness, anxious or dizzy bird may mark the signs of sickness. In any of such situations as an owner, you must take your bird to the vet for a detailed checkup as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up facing some unseen challenges in your pet management.

How To Differentiate Between Regular Puffing And Puffing Due To Sickness?

As we have already mentioned that puffing up of birds can be a sign of their sickness. Therefore, as a new bird owner, it would be pretty challenging to differentiate between the two stimulants. No matter, whatever the case is, you need not worry at all. Here we share the list of prominent differences that can help you see if your bird is sick or giving typical signs. This will let you seek expert advice if needed.

Normal puffingPuffing due to sickness
The bird will not look dizzy.The bird will look dizzy throughout the day.
The bird will remain active with normal interaction with other birds.The bird will not look interested in their daily activities.
They will eat and drink normally.They will not eat and drink normally.
You will not find any excessive falling of feathers.Excessive falling of feathers is reported when parakeets are sick. Also, you will notice abnormal poop.

How Should I Treat My Parakeet In Regular Puffing And Puffing Due To Sickness?

As we have already mentioned that sometimes, puffing is normal behaviour. There is nothing new in that, whereas sometimes, it is not. In both of the cases, as a naïve pet owner, you might be worried about the care of your parakeet. Yes, this is something to pay attention to in both scenarios. Here, we are discussing your response towards their puffing. Check it out!

The response towards normal puffingThe response towards sick puffing
Treat your bird with the warmth of your love by gently touching its heads and feathers.The ideal way to respond in this case is to visit the vet for a detailed checkup.
Help them in temperature regulation by offering a favorable environment.Figure out the reason for its sickness and manage the cause for the long term.
Give them vitamins and minerals before they shift towards deficiency.Try to provide the ideal feed for your parakeet. The best way is to keep as close as possible to the natural food.

Why Is My Parakeet Always Puffy?

This question is one of the most typical questions which people ask about parakeets. If you find your parakeet puffing most of the time of day, you need to check the room temperature where you have caged your pet bird. During both day and night, there might be an issue in temperature regulation.

They need to live at adequate temperatures as they can suffer from heatstroke or anything worst when exposed to extreme weather. If your bird goes into the heatstroke condition, you only have limited time to manage its life. Also, if it’s hypothermia, you have little extra time to cope up. Otherwise, these situations directly cause the death of birds.

The ideal temperature for parakeets is 60-70 Fahrenheit. Any variation in this can directly influence your bird’s health, and you will find your bird puffing often. Whenever parakeets face extreme hot temperatures, they will start to breathe rapidly. It does so to cool down the body as quickly as possible. On the other side, if the temperature drops on the cooler side, you will notice your parakeet puffing excessively.

It is interesting to notice that fatter birds find it quite challenging to regulate their body temperature because of the body fat, which offers insulation to the bird. This turns harder for them to cool their body when needed. Therefore, it can be concluded that the bigger the bird is, the more the hot temperature will be challenging for them. Similarly, a smaller bird will face a challenge in increasing its body temperature in a cooler environment.

End of the day, it is somewhat imperative to ensure that your home offers a temperature that is good enough to meet your parakeet’s genuine requirement. You may use automatic temperature regulators in the room where you have caged your parakeet.

We Are Wrapping Up!

When you love your pet, every move counts a lot for you. When it comes to birds, the owners are pretty much sensitive about them. Moreover, any variation or change in their pattern can make the owners worry.

Puffing up of parakeet is one of the expected behaviours which they show. We have discussed different stimulants and what your response would likely be towards this act. No matter what, end of the day, if you learn about their routine and abnormal puffing, nothing will keep you away from keeping up with your pet for years.

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