Can Frog Eat Worms?


Frog mostly eat fresh, they prefer to eat worms, slugs, spiders, termites, cricket, larvae, and dragonfly. Frog eats according to age and body mass; depending upon the type of insect they are eating. Yes, they do eat worms whether they are living in captivity or wild. It is an essential element of their diet.

I wild frogs try to catch anything that moves with their tongue. it is an instinct to live near water bodies. For the pet frog, it is best to offer them smaller insects.  there are several types of worms that frogs can eat. Especially mealworms, red wigglers, and waxworms usually make an ideal meal plan for pet frogs. Mealworms have high starch levels that can become a cause of liver damage. Managing the quality of worms is vital to keep in view the health and well-being of your pet. Many different types of worms are essential parts of fog`s diet but vital to remember that alone can1t fulfill the nutritional requirement of a frog must need to include other vitamin and mineral sources with added calcium supplements.

They are brown worm-like larvae that are popular pet food. These are mostly used to feed domestic reptiles and amphibians. When feeding mealworms to your pet frog must consider the quantity as they are high in starch. Too much starch can prove dangerous for your pet in the long run. 

Most pet owners believe that mealworms are fat nutritious to keep their frogs fill for a long duration. These are 3/4-inch in length. You can get the live shipment of mealworms at your doorstep. During the shipment, they are parked in breathable cloth bags to ensure freshness. Make sure they are alive when you get the delivery, otherwise contact the seller for replacement. 

If you want to have more ease of use, the option of dried worms is available for you. Mealworms can give an instant boost to the immune system of your pet, dried ones can replace live insect options without the condition of keeping frozen. It is quite handy if you have to go on long trips and want to carry your pet along with you. 

Waxworms:  How To Feed Your Frog?

The Waxworms can be an interesting addition to your frog`s meal, having a good source of lipids can fatten up your pet a bit. 

However, keep a check about the number of waxworms as they act as junk food in frog diets. Too much Waxworm can make your pet obese. 

Although pet owners mostly get conscious about buying such food items, still you must check carefully before buying. If any dead worm is among the live ones it can omit a very nasty smell. To prevent this foul smell, check worms before feeding your pet. Try to sort out the dead ones to make sure about the quality of live insects. 

Dried waxworm option is also available for ease of use although feeding live insets are highly recommended by nutritionists. To avoid any damage always keep alive waxworms at 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. it will help to keep the worms fresh for an extended period. 

Red Wigglers: How To Feed Your Frog?

You can feed your frog Red Wigglers quite often but what if they don`t like the taste?  Some of the animals found them bad in taste. They are full of essential nutrients so can be used to feed as a staple food but maybe your frog refused to eat them. Some good may prefer to earthworms or nightcrawlers instead of Red wigglers and you can replace them as all of them are packed with proteins and vitamins. 

Instead, PacMan frog is very fond of Red wigglers they have an ample amount of minerals to keep their body healthy. The frog can grab their soft bodies very quickly so make easy prey for them. You can purchase them from online pet food shops or local sellers in the market. 

 Earthworm: How To Feed The Frog?

Earthworms may be broken into small pieces for feeding tiny pets. However, s small earthworms have a rich mineral supply to feed your pet frog rather than larger ones. The uneaten earthworm can stay alive in freshwater for 8-10 hours but decompose quickly right after their death. 

These worms can become a complete food source for amphibians, You can buy them various authentic sources. Some North American species of worms are unpleasant to eat but others are readily eaten by frogs. 

Where To Get Earthworms?

Earthworms may be purchased from commercial breeders. They also breed readily in captivity but they are sensitive to temperatures, above 70F is ideal for their breeding. They are best raised in a cool basement. 

Earthworms are feed on dead leaves, food flakes, and tropical fish, you may also provide them oatmeal, cornmeal, and dusted with a powdered calcium supplement. 

Gut Loading

Earthworms consume large amounts of soil while feeding; their nutritional value is higher than other pet foods. If you want to buy earthworms for immediate use, Try to gut load the worms before offering them to your pet. 

Earthworm And Care To Avoid Pesticides

Earthworms wandered under the layers of soil, they like to move in their surroundings that can increase the risk of ingestion of pesticides. They can digest other harmful substances from the ground as well so better to take care. The wild-caught worms can contain harmful substances due to the effect of organ-chlorine pesticides. If you are not sure about the safely bred earthworms you have options to buy from commercial farms. 

Final Verdict

Mere to point here, earthworms can be chosen to bring complete nutritional value to your pet. Mostly fogs accept earthworms, bloodworms, and nightcrawlers as chow. They enjoy preying on live worms but live feeding can get messy at times.

Keep checking the diet schedule of your frog for maintaining a healthy balance among various diet plans. The rotten and decomposed worms can become toxins instead of providing health benefits, consider feeding fresh worms.

You can occasionally feed worms to your pet frog, they are not considered as a primary food source for your frog. Take care while taking worms from the natural environment as they may carry toxins from pesticides to contaminate their bodies with poison. 

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