Can We Eat Tarantulas?


Where many people find it odd to have a spider pet at home, you will be surprised by knowing that these eight-legged spiders, i.e., Tarantulas are edible, and here are some countries, including Venezuela and Cambodia, where Tarantulas are very popular and one of the most loved street food. 

Hunted from deep in the jungles, hunters in Cambodia sell Tarantulas to restaurants with getting big profits. In the early 1970s, Cambodians hunt tarantulas for traditional medicines preparations. Later on, during some political oppression where people were left to be starved, eating spiders was the only option for survival.

Later on, as time passes, eating tarantulas became normal, and now tarantulas are eaten as the favorite snack by the Cambodians. Not only Cambodians but foreigners also loved to experience the taste of tarantulas there. 

As we have mentioned, tarantulas are being eaten in many parts of the world, so yes, they are edible. These eight-legged spiders are rich in proteins, folic acid, and zinc. Tarantulas, when alive, are vicious, poisonous, and hairy. Whereas sprinkled with some salt and paprika and sometimes rolled in sugar and garlic, deep-fried is the most common recipe of tarantulas you will find mostly on the cart and street vendors in Cambodia. 

Can You Eat A Tarantula Raw?

It is safe to eat raw tarantula as it is common in Cambodia, but deep-fried marinated tarantulas, as they get crispy from outside, are preferred more. Cambodians love to eat tarantulas whole. Deep-fried crispy tarantulas served with rice or pasta is favorite there. 

What Does A Tarantula Taste Like?

When it comes to the taste of tarantulas, it is similar to crab, and it flavors nutty. Although it is difficult to determine the taste of tarantulas when deep-fried as it is seasoned with heavy spices and seasons. 

In the restaurants in Cambodia where they serve tarantulas with rice and vegetables, season them with salt, sugar, garlic, and soy sauce, and fry them until they get crispy. The main body has the most meat while legs and tail are also eaten but have thin skin. Meat has a smooth consistency; inside the crunchy body, it gives a feeling of melting in the mouth.

Also, according to some people, Female tarantulas flavor tasty as they hold eggs inside. 

Can You Die From Eating A Tarantula?

With a long history of spiders being eaten, we cannot say one can die from eating tarantulas. Other than as snacks or savory, tarantulas have been used for many medicinal purposes. 

In traditional medicines, they have used tarantulas to treat knee and back pain as well as breathing problems. 

To make women more beautiful and increase sexual energy and prowess in men, traditional doctors have used tarantulas. 


You may find it weird to eat tarantulas, but eating spiders is common in various parts of the world. Also, it is safe to eat tarantulas as there is a long history of eating tarantulas by humans. Full of zinc, people find it very useful for the growth of children. That is why you will now find tarantulas being sold canned and dried in many countries.

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