Fish As Pets

Fish As Pets

Fishes makes the most wonderful pet for the ones who do not have enough time nor a large space to place a pet. Fish are the trendy pets most people around the world have. Fish at your homes look very mesmerizing and astonishing due to the wonderful shapes and beautiful colors they have. 

There are more than 28000 species of fish known. That is why, when it comes to having fish as a pet, there are many things that you need to take in your considerations. In this article, we will discuss a brief discussion about having fish as a pet. 

Pros of having Fish As Pets

  • Fish are less expensive and low-maintenance pets to take care of. So, for the people looking for budget-friendly pets, fish are the finest option.
  • Another good reason for having fish friends is that if you are a busy person and cannot spare much time for your pet, your finny friend will not go into any anxiety or depression.
  • As fish is calm and quiet creatures, they give a soothing effect to their surroundings despite disturbing your neighbors and you sleeping with them screeching and loud barking.
  • Fish are clean pets so they do not any grooming at all. Their beautiful clean aquariums work for an ornamental purpose. 
  • As we have mentioned above there are thousands of species of fish known. So, for the people who love to explore and are interesting in diversity, this creature will never disappoint them. 

Care Considerations For Fish Pets

Choosing A Fish

There are things at home that can be hazardous to your feathered buddy. You could not have thought about the things like scented candles, cookware, and deodorizers. Birds have a very delicate respiratory system, so if you are a smoker, then a bird is not fit to be in your home. Some plats are safe for these birds, while some can be fatal to them. So it is crucial for you to know about the things that might be harmful to these tiny creatures.

You cannot give everything you eat to them, and also only feeding nuts is also not good. A piece of deep knowledge about their food and nutritional requirements is essential for bird pet owners to maintain their lifespan and health.


According to a rough guide, each fish should have a space of at least 10 liters of water up to 3cm long. An ample amount of water is needed for them to swim around and when there is an increased number of fish, a sufficient amount of area and water should also be provided. 

  • An aquarium should have
  • An aerator
  • Pondweed
  • Plants
  • Filters
  • A rock or any other item for hiding beneath
  • Smooth pebbles

You should do your best to replicate the natural environment as your finny friend. Before adding tap water to the aquarium, you should adjust the pH of water between 6.5 and 8.0. also, water should be completely chlorine-free. 

For saltwater tanks, it is very difficult to set up and maintain the tank, so you need an expert and experienced person to set it up. Indoor aquariums should have water maintained at a temperature between 20 to 25oC and should be kept away from direct sunlight. 

To maintain the health of your fish friends, filtration is very needed thus, mechanical filtration systems will ease your problem of regular filtration.


Unless there are plants in the tank or tropical setup is done, no artificial lighting is usually required and if you are using it, you also need to install a timer with it as switching the light on and off can upset your fish.

Refuge and Shelter

Your fish need an area of refuge from action, lights, and other fish. You can create a shelter for them with rocky overhangs and plants.

Aquarium’s Covering

You need a glass or mesh covering over the aquarium if there is the risk of reaching children and other pets to the tank. Also if water is closer to the 10cm top of the tank, and there is the chance that fish could jump out placing a cover tank becomes a must. By placing cover, you also stop toxins and dust from entering the tank. Spraying cleaning products or chemicals can kill your fish so avoid it.

Aquarium’s Cleaning

To clean the aquarium first, you should remove the fish from the tank and place it covered in the tank having 25% of their tank water and 75% freshwater. Now clean the gravels, walls, and furniture items with the fresh water and then fill it again with the conditioned water. Let the water stand for a day before returning the fish into it and do not use any chemicals in the cleaning.

Feeding your Fish

You should ask your veterinarian about the quantities that your fish need to be fed. Temperate or topical fish can be fed with manufactured fish foods like granules and flakes. Only give the needed amount of food that will be eaten within minutes otherwise soiling of the water and overfeeding can occur.

Handling of Fish

You should not handle or keep your fish out of the water. It will damage their skins as well as increases the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. To transport fish, an aquarium should not be used. You should use a clear watertight plastic bag having half-filled water and half-filled air. Do not let your fish to the heat or unattended.

Health Problems of Fish

Water quality in the tank or aquarium ensures the good health of fish. Regular cleaning of the aquarium with fresh water is necessary. Here are some factors that indicate that your fish is not in sound health. 

  • Skin lesions
  • Loss of appetite
  • Floating upside down
  • Listing
  • Spots, growths, and ulcers
  • Poor swimming balance
  • Failure to thrive

If you have brought a new fish and it seems unhealthy keep it separate from others until it gets better in health as adding new fish straight to the aquarium will infect other fish as well.

Best Fish Species To Have As Pets

Betta Fish

When it comes to the ease of maintenance, no one can beat bettas and are the best options for beginners. Bettas require separation from most of the other species thus, they do very well in small fish bowls.

Betta Fish

Like bettas, goldfish are also cold-water fish, belong to the carp family. As they live in cool temperatures so must be kept separate from warm-water fish tanks. As goldfish are quite long, they should not be kept in small bowls. They need a large and sufficient space for swimming. Do not overcrowd the tank having goldfish in it. They will live for many years if you keep them well. 


Angelfish have various color patterns and are very graceful, and lovely. They need a 55-gallon water tank when they are fully grown. Angelfish likes to hide beneath the plants and stones so you can place many of them in their tanks.

Cory Catfish

Cory Catfish

With other aquatic creatures as well as plants, catfish are pretty jolly. One of the most needed importance of having catfish in the tank is that they eat algae that grow in the tank. With their aid in keeping the tank clean, they are a low-maintenance and bottom-dwelling species. You can choose between their variety of colors. 


Guppies need a warmer temperature as well as a cleaner environment. They appear in a variety of beautiful colors and are easy-care. One of the drawbacks of guppies is that they breed constantly so if you have male and female guppies together in a tank, then offspring will overwhelm a tank soon. So you should have all males or all females.



Mollies are very friendly and are accessible to the pet that is why they are recommended to the first-timers. They are very sensitive to even slight changes in the tank so you will need to give a heavy filtration. You should keep them separate from other species as they tend to nip their fins.

Neon Tetras

The main reason for their popularity is their bright color due to which they can be seen easily in the streams of black water. Neon treats are not aggressive and are a warm and colorful addition to the tank. They should be kept in a group of six or more so you will see them swimming together in the middle of the tank.

Neon Tetras
Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish

Same as their name, rainbow fish are very bright and beautiful in color. It is easy for beginners to pet them as they are easy to maintain. If you have put more than one fish in the tank, they’ll become aggressive and can injure themselves. 


The larger space you provide, the more the swordtails will grow in length. They are grey with beautiful stripes on them. They have sword-like tails and they often sport a red body with a black tail. Male swordtails may fight with each other in the same tank. 



They need a large tank to swim free and easily. As they are very strong they can jump out of the tank and move things very easily. They are feed on fleshy things, plants, and insects. They can grow up to the size of the foot if taken care of well.


Before you buy any species, you should study thoroughly the species. You should start with a small fishbowl or small aquarium and with two to three low-maintenance species like goldfish. As you will learn the basics, you can then upgrade to the expensive larger aquarium with bigger species. 

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