Types Of Parakeet- A Complete Guide


Parakeets are small-medium-sized parrots that are found in the grassland of Australia. But the question arises of how many types of parakeets are available and how to identify them and differentiate them. Based on their diversity, appearance, standard features, and some other traits, in this article we will find out about different parakeets and from where you can find them easily based on their habitats.

Before discussing types of parakeets, let us share some of the common traits of parakeets seen in almost every kind. These characteristics would be in terms of their physical appearance and traits and how well they mingle with other species—featuring some of the basic budgies features that will help you recognize who are budgies rather than get confused with other parrots.

1. Body Shape 

Despite several breeds that parakeets have, all the parakeets have the same small cylindrical bodies along with a long feather tail, comparatively.  

The feet are shaped like X, except they met some serious accident. The two toes of parakeets are in backward position, and the other two must are in forward. Another interesting fact is that every parakeet can rotate their head 180 degrees around, very easily.

2. Colors 

Parakeets are the king of colors when it comes to the variety of colors this breed possess depending on bred from. This bird ranges some unique color combinations from green and bright yellow to violet and orange. The cere of every parakeet’s changes as they grow up and reaches their maturity sex vice.

The parakeets can vary in price depending on their color combinations as higher will be the price if parakeets have exotic colors. For instance, blue parakeets are very expensive compared to yellow and green as they are quite common.

3. Beak 

Parakeets also have multiple side beaks, which are for different purposes like chewing food and peeling of fruits, also removing the shells from the seeds.

They use their upper bill for digging and holding purposes inside the cage.

4. Sounds 

When it comes to the sound and voice of parakeets, they may vary from bird to bird. However, parakeets are very smart and intelligent to replicate the voices they hear from their environment. 

You can also try teaching them some new words and phrases through repetition process, and they can whistle too after learning it.

5. Activity Level 

Parakeets are very active birds throughout the day and to match their energy level is quite difficult, so it has been preferred to buy them in pair, not as a single.

To keep them busy, you can also give them some toys, and they can also take flights from one perch to another and keep them engaged in self-grooming.

You can also make their cages as entertaining as possible to give them vibes to stay cheerful and happy throughout.

6. Very Social 

Unlike other birds, parakeets require company and some engagement, even they like to live with their budgie friends. It doesn’t have to be an opposite gender all the time; even with the same gender, they get along very well.

Another fascinating thing about parakeets is that they are very social with humans and can be very affectionate and loving when they start to share an unbreakable bond. 

Some Common Traits Of Parakeets 

Before discussing the types of parakeets, look at some of the very common parakeet traits found in almost every parakeet. The very common and most noticeable feature is that all parakeets are highly intelligent and highly social by nature and very human-friendly. They are highly friendly and amiable; nature makes them the most lovable pet bird and exceedingly in demand. They are very affectionate and irresistible to stay away from; once they are attached to you, they will prefer to spend most of the time with their human friends then.

Let’s start with how many parakeet species exist and what the difference is among them.

Types Of Parakeets

1. Alexandrine Parakeet

Alexandrine parakeets are full of exotic colors, extremely talkative plus highly talented, and smart. Also, these parakeets are considered as Asia’s largest parakeet all around the world. These parakeets were brought to Europe around the 4th century, and since then it has been considered as one of the oldest specie in parakeet family.

These beautiful birds can easily live up to 40 years, and their adult body size reaches 25 inches that’s quite huge compared to other parakeets.

2. Budgerigars

Budgies are also called budgerigars which are native Australian parakeets found in the grassland of Australia. These parakeets are highly in demand these days as a pet because of their particular trait i.e., curiosity, highly energetic and amiable nature and they can also learn how to talk. These pets are a good company to be with; also, they are very low maintenance. They can also learn human words and phrases, which makes them more interesting.

The adult budgies measure up to about 7 inches, and they weigh 1.5 ounces.

3. Monk Parakeet

These parakeets are found in the South of America with their flock, where they can easily survive the winters of New York and Chicago. These are small in size and have bright green to the yellow abdomen with a grey breast, making them unique.

These parakeets are also used as pet birds where they can easily survive up to 15 years due to their better living conditions, but when they are in the wild, they can hardly live for 6-7 years.

4. Psittacula Parakeets

Psittacula is a native bird of Southeast Asia and Africa, where they are famous for making the most varied species of parakeets as sub-specie. These sub varied species count as 14 today. 

These parakeets are very social and extremely smart, but they still need some time to get socialized around humans. These adult parakeets can range up to 13-23 inches, and these can live up to 35 years easily. 

5. Plain Parakeets

These parakeet species are very friendly and appealing and have become very popular in such little time because of their charming personality. These parakeets are found in the south of America, particularly Brazil. They have a unique color combination of green on their body and pink on their feet and beak.

These are 9 inches tall and usually have a life span of 10-15 years.

6. Derbyan Parakeet

Derbyan is the native parakeets of china, India, and Tibet found in their forest regions. These parakeets are an endangered species now as they lose their natural habitats within the forest, leading to increased deaths.

The adult derbyan parakeets can live up to 30 years and are approximately 20 inches tall. These parakeets have a very calm and lovable temperament; however, they constantly need engaging and socializing.

7. Indian Ringneck Parakeet

These parakeets are also called rose-ringed parakeets. These are found in several parts of Asia and are easily found in Pakistan, India, to the Middle East. These birds prefer to live in a flock instead of as an individual.

In the adult age, these birds heights up to 16 inches and weigh less than 4 ounces. These parakeets have a wide range of colors, from bright greens to yellows to cinnamons. 

8. Plum-Headed Parakeet

These parakeets have Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Srilanka as their native land. These parakeets have different temperaments based on region as Asians are less aggressive than other region parakeets. However, these also require human assistance and their interaction for well-behaved manners. 

The adults can grow up to 12 inches, weigh around 3 ounces or less, and have a life span of approximately 15-20 years.

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