Do Fish Get Sad When Other Fish Die?

Do Fish Get Sad When Other Fish Die?

Have you ever noticed your fish lurking anxiously in its tank? Or you may have observed a gloomy depressed and indolent behaviour soon after you have removed some fellow fish from the tank? The same behaviour is aggravated when a fish dies in the same tank in front of its fellow fish. You may have …

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Why Won’t My Dog Poop Outside?

Why Won't My Dog Poop Outside?

House training of your pup plays a vital role in developing its good bathroom habits. 4 to 6 months’ age of your dog is ideal to pay attention to its potty training. Lack of movement may lead your puppy to poop inside the house. In case if you are confident about your training methods and …

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Can Cats Control Their Tails?

Can Cats Control Their Tails?

You must be keen to know a lot more about your cat…all cat owners have such curiosity. You must have seen your cats wagging its tail most of the times and rolling it into different shapes as if pointing at something. Moreover, while snoozing, cats usually tap its tail in a way some melodies are …

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Do Turtles Attract Snakes?


Any garden is full of mystic creatures from poisonous snakes to innocuous turtles. Some are horrible predators and some are just pitiful prey. The relation is all about this food competition and the race of survival. You must be worried and suffering all over the internet when you love pets from two different species and …

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Cool Pet Bed Technology

Cool Pet Bed Technology

What you don’t think about canine cooling items puts your pet in danger for heat challenges and inconvenience. Pet items assembling and present day thermoregulating innovation have joined to make accessible pooch cooling coats and cooling pet beds to help in your canine’s wellbeing and solace. Pooch cooling beds, coats and different items speak to …

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Keeping Pets Cool in the Summer Heat

As the temperatures took off a week ago, so did instances of pooches left in hot vehicles and one poor canine was left to sear on the most sultry day of the year! The RSPCA and other creature government assistance good cause as of late propelled a battle to feature the risks and in spite …

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