How To Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes – 10 Best & Easy Ways

how to clean dog poop off shoes

Hey there dog lovers, we know you guys love your pet a lot, but their poop sometimes irritates you when it gets stuck in your shoes. Don’t worry at all; these cleaning hacks will save your day for sure. Every dog owner must know about these remedies, and if you’re not, these will help you too.

Preferably it would be the best if you stay careful enough that it doesn’t get stuck in the first place. Dog poop is not a topic of much interest, but one must know that it can be dangerous. Dr. Oscar Chavez, DVM, stated that

"There is a list of diseases that can be transmitted from dogs to human via faecal / oral route."

Some zoonotic diseases are transferred by  Salmonella, campylobacter, Giardia,  roundworms, and hookworms every day to several people.

There are two possible options for getting poop on your shoes. Either outdoor or indoor. Outdoor removal of debris is way safer as it doesn’t contaminate your household. Sand and grass allow most of the debris removal, and it also assists in cleaning in some hacks. On the counter side, the indoor mess is more to worry about. It can be transferred to carpets or mats or any of your household.

But, there is nothing to become upset about it. You need to know about what you can do to get rid of dog poop from your shoes because,

“where there is a problem, there is an opportunity disguised as a solution.”

The most straightforward and useful tool in household for cleaning purposes is a brush. Rinse your shoe in the bathroom and gradually scour poop off the shoe. It will not altogether remove the particles, but you will get rid of visible dirt. Let the shoe dry for a while. Any kind of toothbrush is also usable here.

2. Utilize Some Spray Of WD 40

Another great use of WD 40 spray is here for you. You only need to wash, swipe your shoe with a towel or toilet paper and spray WD 40 for removing remaining poop. Scrub it with a brush or any cleaning tool. Let it dry and there it will be ready to wear. Dog owners recommend it a lot because it is effective and efficient.

3. Freeze The Dog Poop

It is easy to expel out dirt when it gets dried and hardened. You have to wrap the shoe in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Please make sure that the freezer contains nothing at that time as it is unhygienic.

After a while, pull the shoe out when dirt gets harder. Remove solid particles from the shoe with any cleaning tool. You can also brush if needed with an old toothbrush.

4. Visit A Public Golf Course

Most of the golf courses have a section for cleaning. Go to any nearby local golf course and ask for debris cleaning. Air compressors easily remove poop off shoes. It’s a relatively simple and quickest method if you find a golf course close by you.

5. Dry The Poop In Sunlight

An easily accessible method for anything is drying is sunlight. Dried poop is a more appropriate way of removing it. Yet, it’s not the quickest but feasible one. Put the shoe at the place where there is sufficient sunlight reaching and leave it to dry. Once the shoe is dried, remove the debris with a paper towel or cleaning brush.

6. Wash It With Pressure Water or Shower

What is the most comfortable way to clean anything? Just wash it. Go to the bathroom and take your shower. It has slight pressure to pull the poop off. Try to put some pressure on the grooves and ridges to expel the poop out of it properly. It’s the easiest and time-saving remedy. Soak the water from the wet shoe or let it dry.

7. Old School – Scrap On Grass

All of the above tricks are useful if you are at your house or close to it. What if you are not there? What will you do if you’re with your friends camping? Or hiking? Or a family picnic? You can’t do any of the above hacks. You don’t have any freezer or WD 40 spray along the side.

So, you have to adopt this old school method. Just find the right grass area and rub your shoe; rotate it on either side. You can also do it on a rock, and after that, with a stick, scrap the remaining poop out of grooves.

8. Scrub It With Vinegar And Water

Vinegar and water is a quick and easily accessible ingredient in everybody’s kitchen. You need to make a 3oz vinegar solution and 16oz water along with 2-3 drops of dish soap.

Prepare the solution and pour it directly on the shoe. Scrub the shoe with any cleaning tool so that debris wash away. Wipe shoes with any towel or toilet paper.

9. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good remedy for not only cleaning the poop but also absorbing smelly odor. Swipe the shoe with a paper towel and scrub it with baking soda and water. For fetid odor, put baking soda in a pouch of clothes and set beside the shoe or inside. It will absorb all smells.

10. Laundry The Shoe

If your shoe is washable, you can laundry it efficiently. This hack removes not only dog poop but also other debris and dirt. Put the shoe in an empty washing machine and turn it on. If you are worried that your shoe can not handle the laundry pressure, you can rinse it. For smelly odor, fabric conditioner is also usable.


In the end, pets are love no matter what they do. Dog poop removal is necessary in order to protect yourself and your surroundings. It’s not only a mess but also disgusting. Whether debris or it’s foul smell both feasibly go away with these amazing hacks.

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