Can Parakeets Talk? Everything You Need To Know


There are so many birds all over the world that are known for their beautiful voices. Among these, there is also a particular category that not merely produces sounds but even talk. Yes, you heard it right. There are so many birds that can do so. It is the reason which compels the bird lovers to get them as their pets.

It is incredible to share your loneliness with a beautiful and friendly companion that can talk as you share your words. For sure, this is a sign of their well-being and joy in your company. Although it is not easy for the pet bird owner to train them to talk, the experts can do it with various tricks. If you want your pet bird to talk to you casually, you must know before that if the vocals of the bird you are trying to have are adaptable or not? Otherwise, if they are not bestowed with this talent by nature, your efforts will not work.

Parakeets are regarded as one of the most lovable and attractive bird species with beautiful colors. They have different names which are allocated as per the cultural norms. Parakeets are common birds that people buy as their pets. Mostly their chirping sounds are appreciated by their owners, yet there is way more to see in them. This blog will clear your doubts about parakeets. Trust us, if you make the right choice, you will never get disappointed. Let’s begin:

After you have bought your parakeet, you might be pretty interested in knowing about their habits and traits. The most lovable feature of birds is their voice. They love to create sounds. What if your pet bird parakeet starts talking to you and shows you some affection? Yes, this is true because parakeets can speak. Amazed? Why not!

Here is a twist for you! Budgies talk within their species. Don’t get disappointed because you can observe them talking in their voices on keen observation. Still, there is a way to witness more from this bird. The best part is that if you buy your parakeet before one year of age, you can train it to talk and share its gestures. Isn’t it cool? Yes, for sure.

Parakeets can also speak human words if they are trained at their early age. This includes a lot of familiar comments and responses, which you would be cherished to see. It commonly occurs because parakeets have a kind of imprinting procedure at an early age, which tends to disappear after adulthood. As far as female parakeets are concerned, they are less likely to pick up the training to talk, whereas males are more prone to talking, and also, their vocal cords are far more substantial.

Now, if you are thinking about what extent parakeets communicate among themselves and to their human companions, trust us; they love to talk. They are counted among some of the topmost talkative bird species. They are pretty social within their colonies and even outside. You would love to know that parakeets produce many different sounds, and every unique voice means something different. For sure, how cool it is! So, now, as you have got your answer, we believe you are all set to buy one for yourself.

Do All Parakeets Talk?

For your interest, let’s take this query a step forward. First of all, it must be kept in mind that budgies are not only the parakeets there. It’s just a type of it. It is well known that there is always an exception when considering different traits in birds. This is the reason why it is said that all of the parakeets don’t talk. Only certain types are bestowed with this ability and can be polished with proper training.

The parakeet, which is pro at talking, is the one we called as the Indian Ring-necked parakeet or Psittacula krameria. They are indeed the most adorable, attractive, friendly, and talkative birds. They are the ideal birds that easily copy human speech patterns, and as a plus point, they have a squeaky and funny sound. It is one of the most appealing reasons why people try to grab them as their pet bird. Several other genera are very talented among a variety of parakeets. Check out the list of parakeet species that are ideal in terms of talking along with their responses.

Parakeet specieResponse
Rosellas (genus Platycercus)Produce whistles and words
Monk parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus)Learn some tidbits
Lineolated parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola)Lovely soft voices
Genus Polytelis (also known as regent and princess parakeets)Little talkative

How Long Does It Take for A Parakeet To Learn To Talk?

Probably, you might have heard that good things take time, especially when you are training animals. When it comes to birds, they are more prone to learning. Many of them are extremely intelligent who quickly pick up the details you want them to learn very soon. Also, it’s about patience and tolerance, as some birds do take time in the learning process.

Coming to the parakeets, as we have already mentioned that they can talk, you might be eager to know the time which it takes in learning. You must understand that this time is quite variable. For instance, one specie picks the training quickly, while you have to be very patient for others.

To give a rough idea about this, if you have bought your budgie at a young age, it is pretty easy to train them. This is not only because of their developing brain but also because the learning center is pretty much intense. You can quickly start their training process when they are only 3-4 months old. Interesting! Yes, for sure. You can easily make them learn in two months, and therefore, they can start talking at six months of age.

Budgies are very much intelligent learners, and hence, they can be taught easily. Before you try, offer them a good atmosphere initially. You must keep in mind that if your bird doesn’t cooperate, the whole process will turn very hectic. Please don’t force them to talk, and don’t rush in this case at all. Slowly and gradually, they will adapt to everything. As far as the female birds are concerned, they are a bit slow in learning as compared to males. Still, a consistent training and comfortable environment can make them talk soon.

Do Parakeets Talk To Each Other?

Have you ever wondered about the sounds that animals or birds make as they come across each other? This is a kind of greeting you can say. When it comes to parakeets, yes, they indeed talk with each other. They produce different types of sounds to show different feelings.

For instance, if you look closely, you will quickly pick that they have different tones and pitches, which is variable in anger, anxiety, stress, and happiness. Your budgie can easily show these signs. All you have to be a little more observant. Also, this can help you to listen to what they talk about among themselves. This is something which you might have tried to in your childhood but failed.

How Do You Teach A Parakeet To Talk?

Teaching or training the animals and birds is not simply a piece of cake. You have to be very considerate and consistent during this.

Below, we have discussed the steps you can efficiently perform and grab the idea about the training process. Let’s initiate:

1. Make The Budgie Used In The Training Process

This is the key and the most crucial step because if you miss making it feel relaxed, you will never be succeeded. The tamer the budgie is, the greater is the chance of talking and communicating.

2. Begin With Baby Steps

It’s not possible at all that you make your budgie learn the whole dictionary within few days. Try to be as practical as possible. Move ahead word by word and be consistent in that.

3. Simple Sentences Can Be Picked Up Quickly

You can also try to train them with little sentences. For example, in the morning, try to interact by saying, “how are you?”. Very soon, you will witness them reciprocating your attention.

4. Something Special For A Hardcore Teacher

If you are one of those, this step is especially for you. Budgerigars are sensitive enough to feel gestures like love and anger. If you learn this association, it will be pretty easy to connect with them and talk.

5. Basic Vocabulary Is Relatively Easy

As your bird has picked up few essential words, you can easily make them learn new words. Also, you can increase the sentence length in this scenario. Whatever you try, be sure that you hit up with the right pace. Otherwise, your bird will easily get stressed.

Easy Words For Parakeets To Learn

Parakeets are known for their speaking abilities as they are capable of learning any word. It has been seen that with enough repetition, parakeets can quickly start to speak the words. Another fantastic fact about parakeet’s speaking is that they can easily learn words with complex consonant sounds rather than soft sounds. 

For instance, such words are Cute, Sweet and Kiss are relatively easy for them to learn rather than a Ball and Hi. Also, long phrases would be complicated for them to learn to memorize in order. So start to teach them short, easy and sweet words to see quick learning results.

How To Make Parakeets Talk?

Parakeets are the friendliest pets to keep and quite loving, and it is pretty fun to be around them as a pet. The sound of the talking parakeets saying words is quite distinguishable from a human. Still, the parakeets aren’t able to talk like humans, as they speak. 

The main reason is that parakeets don’t have vocal cords, so they imitate the sounds and pitch that they hear daily by their owners or in their surroundings. Parakeets are the most intelligent birds due to their ability to speak; however, all they do is just mimicking without knowing its meaning. 

If you want your parakeet to speak very fluently, then you should start with particular and easy sounds and phrases so that they can pick it quickly. In case you are wondering that after your parakeet started talking, you will be able to have a real conversation that’s not true. As it has been said before that they only mimic the sound. 

Some of the easy steps that have been shared by many pet owners that have helped them in speaking of their parakeets are:

  1. Try not to start speaking sessions with a large number of birds. Make sure you have a limited number of birds so that it can be an easy process.
  2. Try to make sure that when you start these speaking sessions with your pet, they are pretty comfortable with you. 
  3. The timing is essential, too; choose the right time for them to start these learning sessions. Like when they are not tired or sleepy to learn more. 
  4. Try to start with a limited number of words and repeat them as often. The repetition of words will help them in learning words more quickly.
  5. If the parakeet starts to speak any word, reward them as an appreciation gesture. So next time, they will learn the new word more quickly. 
  6. Speak to them daily so there will be a chance of progressive growth in their speaking pattern. 
  7. Ensure your bird is quite attentive during the training as this will also increase the chance of learning.
  8. Another essential tip is, don’t jump onto a second word until they start to say the first word. 

Can Parakeets Whistle?

Just like talking, parakeets can whistle as well. Parakeets show whistling as a happiness sign. Like teaching the parakeets how to speak; you can also teach them how to whistle, but it has been suggested to teach them whistling after they start to talk. The main reason for this is that whistling is relatively easy compared to talking. If they learn to whistle earlier, they will not be ready to learn new words. 

There is no such basic rocket science in teaching parakeets how to whistle. All you have to do is repeat the whistling around them quite often and try to grab their attention. Once they start to respond to you and get familiar with the sound, they will begin to produce their own. 

Do Parakeets Understand What You Say?

Parakeets don’t have vocal cords. They use to imitate the sound of their owners or surroundings to speak. So, in general, they don’t even know the meaning of the words they say. No pet owner has been sure either they understand what they say. But for a fact, once they get familiar with the cues and responses, they will respond with their learned words. That’s how they choose to communicate. 


Parakeets are known as the all-time favorite pet of so many people worldwide due to their fun and loving nature. Also, these birds are pretty low maintenance and easy to take care of as being intelligent and speaking pets. 

The majority of pet owners train their parakeets to talk in their languages, which helps the pet be happy and stimulated, also building a deeper bond with their owners. Parakeets are not like other pet animals, which require an extra amount of attention and care, tiring out their owners. Instead, they turned as to be the fantastic pet company to keep.   

If you plan to have a bird companion in your life, then parakeets would be the right option for you. With little patience and endurance and lots of love for the animals, you can unveil many wonderful traits about this species along with enjoying their company as well. 

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