Do Turtles Attract Snakes?


Any garden is full of mystic creatures from poisonous snakes to innocuous turtles. Some are horrible predators and some are just pitiful prey. The relation is all about this food competition and the race of survival.

You must be worried and suffering all over the internet when you love pets from two different species and can leave none. The problem aggravates when both specie has some predator-prey relation. You may have a pet turtle and afraid if he can attract extremely noxious creatures including snakes.

Continue reading to learn a lot about turtles, if they can attract predators including snakes; and how to protect both from any harm.

The answer to this question is straightforward.

No, turtles do not attract snakes.

The reason is simple. Snakes do not like eating this hardcore animal.

The problem is the resilient shell which is hard to digest and can harm the internal lining of snakes. Snakes would love to dine on frogs, and other animals but when it comes to turtles, they do not like it a lot. Snakes do not always go for even softshell turtles. They become the last choice in case they could not find anything.

So, you must be wondering which animals prey on a turtle and can harm your pet turtle.

Predators Of Turtles:

Sea turtles are most prone to be prey of tiger sharks, and whales. Other predators can be birds, reptiles, mammals, and fish including raccoons, dogs, fishes, and crabs that can eat all from adult one, to hatchlings and eggs.

 It is reported that more than 90% of hatchlings and eggs of turtles are eaten by predators. So yeah turtles are not a very common prey of snakes.

Can Snakes And Turtles Survive Together In a Place?

If you are thinking to own a snake and a turtle and keep them under the same roof, it can be deadly for both.

Snakes try to feed on turtle but cannot digest their super hard and resistant shell. Therefore, it can damage their digestive lining a lot. In the worst scenario, it can be stuck in its gut ultimately leading to its gut. That’s because snakes swallow it whole and its enzymes are not good enough to dissolve its shell. However, they do so only as a last choice.

Snakes can be dangerous for turtles in a sense they take its tail for something else and try to bite up. This can lead to an aggressive response by the snake that can harm both.

Therefore, it is never a good option to keep these two creatures even after training together.

Let me tell you the possible preys of a snake.

What Are The Common Preys Of The Snake?

Snakes like to feed on frogs, mice, birds including their eggs too, chipmunks, gophers, insects, rats and multiple rodents.

However, if the snake is very large it can eat resistant turtles, large mammals including pigs, deer, monkeys etc.

What Will Keep Snakes Away From Your Area?

Everyone one of us having pets is afraid of its predators and tries to protect it by all the means. The most common and horrendous creature is a snake. Snakes are not only deadly for many pets but humans too!

So, how can you keep snakes away?

Here are some short easy remedies you can do to keep snakes away.

Home Remedies To Keep Snakes Away:

Eliminate Things That Can Attract Snakes:

Remove all the things that can attract snakes.

Most snakes love to feed on rodents, frogs, birds, fish and insects.

Consider getting rid of these animals first to keep snakes away from your place permanently. Once its source of food is finished, it will naturally move away in search of more. In case you have pets from any of the above-mentioned categories, you can simply restrain their motion for a while.

Cover Holes!

Snakes love to hide! That is what they usually do unless they are in search of food. Therefore, the most important thing you can do is cover the holes, crevices and cracks. Moreover, eliminating most probable dark ad damp places can deter snakes from residing in there.

 Carefully inspect every nook and corner. Fill all the cracks and repair objects that can be the possible suspect. Repair any damaged pipeline including ventilation ducts, gutters and so on. Remove all the damaged material including glass and plastic and repair windows.

Consider removing brick and woodpiles if present in your house. Snakes love to hide in them!  Store necessary items in well-sealed containers and well-closed wood boxes, so snakes cannot get in there. Double-check everything for holes. That is the most critical part. Moreover, be very careful. Snake can be in there too!

Clean Up Your Lawn:

Remove plants and debris that can attract snakes.

Night-blooming jessamine, the cedar tree, Sandalwood tree, and mango tree are known to attract the snakes the most.

However, all the plants that cover the ground provide excellent shelter for many reptile and insects including snakes. Install snake-proof fences and make sure it is quite deep in the ground most accurately 4 feet down the ground.

You can consider planting and spreading the things that make it difficult for the snakes to wriggle over e.g. pinecones. Eggshells and gravel can also make movement difficult and unpleasant for the snakes.

Snake repellant plants are quite effective in keeping snakes away not only from the garden but also from the house.

Marigolds, West Indian Lemongrass, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Garlic and onion are among most common snake repellant plants.

Adopt Some Natural Snake Predators

If you are too worried about excessive snakes in the house, you can adopt any snake predator as a pet. Snake predators cannot only eat any snake roaming around but also can locate the one hiding in hoses. They can eliminate snakes from your house. Moreover, snakes are also afraid to appear before them. Therefore, it can be a permanent solution.

Cats, foxes, guinea hens, raccoons, pigs, and turkeys are the most common predators of a snake.

Moreover, fox urine is one of the best natural snakes repellant out there. If you can have it, spread it all over. Snakes will run away in days.

Smoking Can Be The Easiest Way:

Snakes are very irritated by smoke. It is because of their sharp sensations for the smell. They cannot take sharp odours and smoke.

More precisely snakes hate smoke!

Therefore, you can dig a pit and burn some leaves with moss to produce a lot of smoke. You can also smoke in the same way inside your house. Just be sure to be very careful. Moreover, you need to repeat it daily at least for a week.

Keep Plants Short And Do Not Water For A While

Mow the grass often in the lawn. Keep other herbs short too. Snake most often do not move through bare land and short grass. It is because it increases their exposure to other predators. Moreover, it is also easy to spot it in short grass. Also, trim large trees and shrubs. Make sure to keep branches away. Keep a 24-36 inch distance between ground and branches.

Snakes love moist damp soil. Avoid watering herbs for a while. This can make them come out of their hidden places. Moreover, watering also attracts insects and amphibians that are the most favourite prey of snakes. It can do more harm than good. So, avoid it for a while.

Feed Your Pets Inside:

Pets while feeding creates a lot of mess. They feed on the ground attracts many insects and rodents. This will attract more snakes. So, feed your pets inside especially birds.

Natural Products That Keep The Snake Away:

Many natural products are found to have excellent snake repellent ability. Consider using them properly.

Some of the most common products are given as:

Clove & Cinnamon Oil:

Clove & Cinnamon Oil are effective snake repellent. Snakes hate them due to their strong odour ad are also irritant to their skin. You can spray it an equally mixed quantity of both oils across your house, in holes, cervices etc. It must also be used when you see a snake. Stay calm and do not create any noise. Spray it directly on it. Be very careful. The snake will possibly run in the opposite direction of the spray. So, assume the right position for you. The solution can also be used in effective fumigation inside the house.


Vinegar is most commonly use a home remedy to chase snakes away from your area. Moreover, it is also effective in water so, can be used effectively in swimming pools too. Pour white vinegar in holes, across the boundaries of your house and lawn, and around the boundaries of the swimming pool. It acts as a natural snake repellant.

Garlic & Onions:

Garlic and onions have a good concentration of sulfonic acid. Sulfonic acid is known to repel snakes effectively. Mix garlic and onions with salt and spread it across your home. You can chop them or get their juice out by squeezing them. You can also use garlic or onion with some strong fragrant essential oil in fumigating your house interior area.

Use Lime:

Use lime to repel snakes. Mix it with hot pepper or peppermint and pour across the boundaries of your house and lawn. You can also use it in fumigation to repel snakes away. The mixture has a strong odour which snakes hate the most. Moreover, it is also itchy for its skin. So, he never returns to the place where he finds it.

Some Synthetic Snakes Repellants Used Commonly:

Here are some synthetic snake repellant most commonly used. All of them are commonly available.


Naphthalene is the most renowned snake repellant due to its strong smell. Snakes hate the smell of naphthalene a lot. It is most commonly used in many commercial snake repellants. If you cannot buy expensive snakes repellant, just use mouth balls. Naphthalene is the chief element in mouth balls.

The biggest restriction in their use is their poisonous nature when engulfed by some living organisms. Many cases have been reported of a child ingesting mouth balls. Death is reported in 90% of such cases. Therefore, you have to be very cautious while using them. If you have toddlers in your house, this is not a recommended option for you.

Place mothballs in every crack and hole or any other most susceptible area. Use a lot. The best practice is counting them while placing them. Moreover, when you have to pick back continue again. It will ensure no ball is left behind to harm any living organisms.

Place them for a long time until you are sure there are no more snakes around.


Sulphur is a strong acid. It irritates the skin of any living organism. The same goes for the snake. We recommend you spread powdered Sulphur across your lawn and house and everywhere you suspect snake. When the snake slithers on it, it irritates its skin and causes a slight burn. Due to this unhappy condition snake will not return to your place. Do not worry it’s not a severe injury. It will heal in no time.


Ammonia is a strong snake repellant. Snake does not like its odour however it is not an irritant to its skin. The best way is to soak different fabrics in the solution and place in the area most prone to snakes. Moreover, you can also spray its solution around the house for a better effect.


Snakes do come after your pet if he is his food. Not all the amphibians are its good prey. Snakes do not like preying on turtles due to their hardcore. Moreover, turtles can harm snakes when they ingest it. If you are worried about having snakes in your place, you can opt some home remedies, eliminate most possible attractants present in your area, adopt some snake predators as pets, and do not forget to eliminate all its shelter places. In case, you find any difficulty, contact wildlife professionals in your area.

Moreover, ensure your safety while using any remedy. Let us know if you know some other effective home remedy to repel snakes. Share to protect!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Here are the most common questions asked under this topic

Does Salt Keeps Snakes away?

No, slat has no effectivity against repelling snakes. Either skin irritation or odour repels snakes. Salt offers none.

What Repels Snakes?

Snakes are repelled by

  • Its predators present in the area
  • Chemicals having strong odour e.g., sulfonamides etc

All of them have been narrated in the above section.

You can also buy some snake repellants from the market. Options are hundreds.

Do Snakes Like Turtles?

Snakes can feed on turtle by mistake or if no food is available for days. But ingesting them do more harm than good. It affects the gut lining a lot and can also lead to choking and death.

Does Human Urine Repel Snakes?

Human urine has no effectivity against repelling snakes. It has very less concentration of any strong odour chemical including ammonia. Therefore, it is never a good choice as a snake repellant.

How Can I Repel Snakes Permanently?

The permanent solution to repelling snakes is using neither any chemical nor a natural product. You need to use a fence for the best results. Moreover, install a fence properly around your house. Moreover, if your fail in chasing snakes away from your place, contact some wildlife professionals for better help and permanent solutions.

Do Snakes Hate The Smell Of Bleach?

Snakes do hate the smell of bleach. Snakes hate all strong odours. Nevertheless, this cannot stop him if his food is in front of it. However, the snakes do not like it anyway.

Does Cinnamon Keep Snakes Away?

Cinnamon oil keeps snake away. Snakes do not like the odor of the oil and move away from the area. It can also be used in fumigating the house.

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