Why Won’t My Dog Poop Outside?

Why Won't My Dog Poop Outside?

House training of your pup plays a vital role in developing its good bathroom habits. 4 to 6 months’ age of your dog is ideal to pay attention to its potty training. Lack of movement may lead your puppy to poop inside the house. In case if you are confident about your training methods and find no negligence from your side in this regard, still your dog won’t poop outside. There could be some medical issues your puppy may be facing. Consult a veterinarian to give your pet a detailed health check-up. 

Before visiting a vet, counter check all possible issues that can cause your puppy to poop inside. Consider the following factors.

  • Training methods
  • Weather conditions
  • Lack of pup’s attention
  • Food Quality
  • Indoor crate
  • Make a backyard potty area
  • Go for a pee n poop walk 

Pay attention to the potty training of your pet. Your dog’s potty training is very much related to positive reinforcement; you have to take 30 minutes breaks at the start. After a few weeks, it will shift towards a more relaxed schedule. One early morning visit right after waking up, next after an hour of breakfast. At night an hour after dinner and before going to bed, during that you can take him according to requirement, might be after an hour is quite suitable to avoid potty accidents of your puppy.

 As soon as your dog wakes up, take him outside to poop, and as he did his business, you would appreciate him through your kind gestures. This sensitive creature can perform better with your kind and affectionate attitude. A crate is a suitable option for nights as it is spacious enough to let the animal stand upright. Dogs can feel the sound tones, so try to speak softly when giving instructions about their business training.   

During the training, the period doesn’t forget to praise your dog and reward him for his efforts. Keep the treat hidden before the job done, as the smell of treat can distract the dog to poop.

Lack Of Pup’s Attention

Many pets feel distracted by the sounds and scents to concentrate on pooping when walking around. As they feel the warmth of the carpet, they feel like to get comfortable, outside temperature may be too low for them to relax their bowels.

It usually happens when you spend like 30 minutes outside your home but didn’t find any suitable spot for the dog to poop when you enter the home. After the long struggle, the dog starts pooping on the floor anywhere in the house.

Indoor Crate

Remember not to make the crate a prison for your beloved dog; it should be a place of comfort for the pet as you get home after a walk put the dog in the crate. Stay with him for a while so he would not sneak away and can poop into the container. If he is not getting easy, give him another chance a few minutes after. Don’t allow him to move around until he gets easy from poop.

Keeping in view the weather conditions, you probably have indoor bathroom plans to avoid any extreme weather conditions outdoor.

Make A Backyard Potty Area.

Settle down a covered place in your yard to make the site enticing for your dog to poop. Dogs have a sharp sense of smell to feel about the scent of a specified place where they used to poop frequently. If they have an urge to poop at their favorite place, you may keep that place clean to give them comfort to ease their bowels. 

For heavy rains and snow that continues for several days better to have alternative arrangements of giant potty pads. It will be dependable if you have to manage the dog doing business inside the home during bad weather. 

It can be chaotic for the pup to know about the right place to use potty pads; you can select a location in the porch or backyard where the dog usually doesn’t go for a walk.

Go For A Pee N Poop Walk

A common practice people adopt is walking around their dogs to allow them to do their business. It will give him time to learn about walking before eliminating it. Remember not to scold or punish your puppy for accidents; instead, use positive motivational phrases to understand the situation better. You have to practice consistency to train your beloved pooch for doing his business at the proper place.

Food Quality

A low-grade food may result in frequent bowel movement so try to choose premium quality food, as sometimes it can be a bit expensive to burden your pocket, but it can prove healthier for your puppy. High-quality food has more nutrients to absorb, which has to produce less waste. It will help the dog to have smaller stools with less frequent need to do business. Low-quality food can disturb your puppy’s stomach. It will feel the urge to poop every other hour. It won’t be convenient for you to take your outside frequently, which may result in indoor potty anywhere on your floor.


You need to know few things quite helpful to speed up your dog. 

  • Going to run helps your dog’s bowel active.
  • Use a long leash as your dog might not feel easy going many feet away for pooping. 
  • Collecting your dog’s poop and putting them somewhere in the corner around the yard will help the dog determine the proper place through poop’s smell of poop.
  • If a full house-trained dog starts soiling, it could be due to certain medical conditions. Recent changes in the house or other lifestyle conditions may distract your dog’s normal poop and pee timings.

Bottom Line

Never punish your dog or get cross if you find poop in your home. A right pet is one who is well trained. The training of pets is entirely dependent on the pet owner. If you find a lack in your puppy’s potty manners, work on them. Try to find out the precise reason for its potty disturbance and then fix it anyway.

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