Why Does My Dog Keep Scratching His Mouth? Causes & What To Do.

Are you feeling anxious about your dog scratching their ears all night long?  Have you noticed your dog licking its paw nonstop during the day? These symptoms can indicate a problem with him. Your dog is going through any underlying medical condition that is indicated by this tense behavior.

Dogs often show compulsive licking and chewing behaviors that are related to a few causes. Most of the dogs have a habit of doing it unintentionally but if you see the signs of danger in form of a “hot spot “it’s time to pay attention. A small area of skin can get irritated due to allergy or other dermatitis problems and that happens due to persistent scratching and licking. 

It is time to investigate the matter if your god is rubbing his muzzle quite often with uncomfortable expressions. Looking at the itchy area can help you discover the itchy spot or any other kind of skin problem. Scratching could be the possible reaction for ongoing skin infection, inflamed or broken skin, and scaling. What to consider?

When finding your dog with continuous movement of scratching his mouth, here are given a few major factors that can compel the dog to do so:


Many kinds of allergies can trigger in dogs due to environmental effects, as mold and pollen can cause seasonal spikes of skin allergies. Harsh chemical-based soaps can cause skin damage that can further be developed into contact dermatitis. Dogs normally spend a lot of time outside to play and walk, while they move in the garden and roll over the grass they can get infected due to the pesticide sprays used to control bugs in the plants. 

Too much junk food or a starch-based diet can cause allergies in dogs. A recent change is a diet can be the reason for irritation on the skin; mostly food products have the description about allergy symptoms as it happens along with itchy ear, red hot spot, and intestinal abnormalities.


Animals generally try to control pain by showing impulsive licking and chewing behaviors. Be vigilant to notice that any unusual continuous behaviors of the dog might be linked to some physical pain. If your dog is repeatedly biting his paw, you need to make a complete check there could have a pointy thorn stuck there. Any hidden wound can become hurtful for the dog to express his discomfort with compulsive hand movements.

While investigating you may find your dog suffering from an orthopedic problem such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. Any hard bone causes gum damage during eating that can further create an infection in the mouth so you have to do a complete check-up of yourself quite often to make sure about his physical wellness.  You have to make efforts for knowing the actual reason for the pain of your dog that can give you relief to find its cure. 


The most crucial reason for a dog`s itchy skin relates to fleas, mites, and ticks. Fleas are too small not to be visible to the naked eye to quite tricky to find about its attack on your dog’s skin. Ticks can also cause severe itching behavior in a dog while producing with a rapid speed. Don`t assume things before making a complete check-up, you can’t ignore this scratching behavior for a long time by only assuming that your dog is parasite free. Fleas need a microscopic observation that can be possible during a detailed check-up, so consult with experts if you can`t find out the problem.


So dogs have a habit of scratching their mouth out of anxiety. Nervousness can cause the dog to scratch their mouth or wipe their face, this happens when they have nothing special to do. This can also cause them to scratch their mouth over everything even their own body in desperation. Sudden changes in environment or loud noises can disrupt a dog with separation anxiety if he can`t see any family member with him. If a new pet has recently joined the family or change in the place of living can male this creature anxious enough to scratch and wipe frequently. 

Types Of Allergies In Dogs

There are a few common types of allergies in dogs that will help you make decisions about their treatment options.

Atopic Dermatitis

It is strongly related to seasonal reactions to pollen and further can trigger to cause skin irritation around sensitive skin areas such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and armpits. 

If this problem converts into a chronic disease it requires steroid medicines to get treatment for short-term relief. 

Flea Allergy

The blood-sucking little monsters can prove fatal for the health of your dog. The infected dog has to face severe itching, inflamed, or red skin that can stay for many days.

Better to make a flea management plan while consulting with the vet and other family members. You can get various flea prevention medicines to keep your dog safe from their poisonous bites. Long term use of antihistamines can

Food Allergy

Dogs can be allergic due to various types of foods, most frequently beef, chicken or wheat can spike allergies. Commercial dog foods are mostly based on these ingredients that why dogs are at higher risk of getting food allergies. 

If you find your dog with a serious stomach disorder along with itchy and scaly skin, it’s time to consult professional health care that can recommend a different diet plan for your suffering dog. 

A visit to a vet is mandatory in case of spotty allergic symptoms.

  • Thick, Red, and flakey skin
  • Frequent hair loss
  • Recurring skin infection
  • Ear infection
  • A kind of honking, like reverse sneezing
  • Compulsive itching and licking

How To Work Out For Controlling This Habit Of A Dog

Medical Examination

When you take your dog to the vet he will perform a dental examination to determine the dental issues causing the mouth discomfort. For further inquiry doctor can plan blood examination, urine culture, or another fecal test to thoroughly examine the health condition of your dog. Allergy testing and endoscopic examination can help to identify the possible underlying health issue to cause these infections.

Medical Tests

After diagnoses vet can proceed with a treatment plan to control the allergies and possible medical conditions. Allergies are usually treated with antihistamines and in severe conditions with steroids. In the case of dietary allergies, the alternated diet plan helps to overcome itching. Sometimes, scanning of gums helps to remove debris and tartar to control bacterial growth in the mouth. 


A variety of ticks can cause itching so better consult with the vet to decide about the best tick preventing medicine. If dog biting is caused by fleas you must have to monitor the bedding and kennel of your dog. Make sure to vacuum the carpets regularly and wash the dog`s sheets and the surrounding space should be sprayed with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution. 

Itching is not always caused by skin problems rather any emotional stress can compel the dog to show his distress by wiping and scrapping. As a pet owner, you are supposed to take great care of your dog, try to stimulate his emotions by comforting him with cuddles and expressions of love. They will always adore your bondage with them; these loyal creatures develop strong chemistry with their masters. 

Anti-Allergic Products

Losing hair will not only spoil the shiny coat of your dog rather it can deteriorate their skin health. Various supplements can help them to retain their skin health by taking an ample amount of essential nutrients. We suggest washing your dog with hypoallergic dog shampoo to avoid any possible infection that can occur due to harsh chemicals.

Avoid Pollen

If pollen is the cause to trigger the symptoms of your dog avoid taking him outside for a walk in the early morning and late afternoons. At these two times, pollens are at high rates in the air that can affect his health. Another way is to clean his coat after a long walk that may keep the mites and dust away as well as pollen stick to the fur. Better to use wet towels for cleaning him after a walk.

Allergy Shots

Dog are injected with immunotherapy which is known as “allergy shots”, this drug helps to ease symptoms. It will increase your dog’s immunity to overcome allergens in a better way; of course, it is not about complete relief rather a way to manage symptoms. These shots have a 60-80 percent rate of success in the dogs, not all dogs respond well to immunotherapy. Sometimes it takes a longer time frame to work for overcoming the situation even this wait could extend towards the next season. 

Bottom Line

Dogs have natural habits for scratching and rubbing their mouth but the identifying reason is vital when this habit gets into something impulsive. Know the real cause by observing his routine where you can examine his body language closely, may prove essential to know his problems.  

A physical exam performed by a qualified veterinarian will provide accurate information to answer your queries about the unusual scratching behavior of your dog. This authentic knowledge can be quite crucial to consider treatment options available for your beloved one pet. 

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