How Long Do Green Cheek Conures Live?


Nature and its creations are bliss. The mountains, rivers, seas, oceans, parks are just a divine sight to see. On the other hand, wildlife also is one of the serene beauty. Out of all the classes, birds are the ones that fascinate everyone. Their types, flights, and variations are beautiful. If you like to read and explore birds then you must have heard about green cheek conures. Of all the birds that come under cockatiels or green cheek Conure are the most liked parrots. They are the most amazing and prettiest birds ever. If you want to know everything about them then keep reading below.

How Does Green Cheek Conure Look Like?

A green Cheek Conure is 26-27cm long which is around 10 inches. Its weight ranges from 65-80 grams which makes it very light and lean. They have multiple colored rings on their body normally which are brown, black, green, and white. As the name indicates this bird has green cheeks and a grey-colored head area. The beak of a Green Cheek Conure appears grey. The blue feathered wings make it look even more beautiful and breath-taking to see.

Green Cheek Conure As pet

There is no better pet than a bird. The reason being is that they are easy to look after and take care of. You don’t need to run errands now and then to buy special meals for them. Green Cheek Conure should be fed with apples, carrots, some green beans, spinach, and broccoli. The main thing you need is a cage that is well ventilated and has sections and portions for food and water.

Green Cheek Conure Life Span

Like all other pets, your green Cheek Conure also has a shelf-life. Any organism that performs all the seven life processes does have a limit for life. On an average scale, Green cheek Conures can breathe for about 15-16 years if kept caged however, if they are freed and left alone then their life lasts for about 10 years only. Life and death are always uninvited therefore the better you care for your pet the longer is the chances it can survive.

For How Long Do Green Cheek Conures Stay Alive In Wildlife?

If we talk about wildlife and green cheek conures have a prolonged life span. This is because they fit in the ecosystem and hunt for their food themselves. According to wildlife specialists animal control experts, Green cheek conures can live for about 20-30 years in the wildlife.

How Long Do Green Cheek Conures Live In Captivity?

Green cheek conures are hungry for love and affection but at the same time they crave freedom as well. Researchers have concluded that on an average green cheek conures can live about 15-20 years in capitivity which is far less than wildlife.

What Are The Factors That Can Affect The Life Span Of A Green Cheek Conure?

Multiple factors alter the life of a green cheek conure the ones that are of major concern are enlisted below:

What You Feed


The meals that are fed to your pet is the one which decided the life span. If you follow the right diet that is to be given to a green cheek Conure and it is enjoying it then it is very likely that it can stay healthy and fit for a good long period. The best you can offer them is protein enriched diet, grains, some vegetables, and vitamins that are prescribed by a vet.


It is a true saying that keeping pets at home absorbs negative energy and helps to have a peaceful environment at home. However, this does not mean you should keep your Parakeet caged for the whole day. You should allow them to fly at least within the boundaries of the home. The reason why they should not be caged for extended periods is that no activity makes them dull and overweight. As a result, they feel heavy while flying and eventually affects their health and wellness.


Just like humans Green Cheek Conures also need a toxic-free environment. Here environment refers to the surrounding. Like normal human beings, they also need to socialize. For their mental health and stimulation, you should bring a pair for them. This way they will stay busy playing with them and can have a good time all day long. They cannot explain their loneliness in words but it can be easily detected by the way they act such as shouting unnecessarily, skipping meals, staying dull all day long, trying to harm themselves, etc.

How Can You Care For Your Green Cheek Conure?

Unlike humans, birds and animals cannot convey their needs and requirements through the mouth. However, it depends on the owner how they grab what their pet is trying to say. Green cheek conures are kind of shy in delivering their command and so you need to be keen enough while looking after them. Certain ways address how you can pamper your green cheek conure such as:

1) Fix A Schedule

Make a routine for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner and stick to it. This way they will become programmed of a healthy lifestyle.

2) Feed Them Properly

Green cheek conures or even other birds become very agitated and irritated when they are not well fed. They start throwing tantrums which are hazardous for them too. Therefore you should be keen enough to feed them properly. This way their health will also stay stable and free of diseases.

3) Pamper Them

A pet is always in dire hunger for the warmth of its owner and so are green cheek conures. They crave love and affection. Open their cage when you are free and let them fly in your home. Try to talk to them regardless of their language. Try to show pity on them when they are hurt.  They have feelings too just like all the other pets.

4) Outings And Leisure

Like all other pets cockatiels also need something to entertain themselves. This does not mean you should keep them in front of a television or something. Rather they crave fresh air and something new and different to see. Take them to parks or nature-related places where they feel fresh.

5) Beautify Their Cage

It is very legit for cockatiels to get bored of the home they are living in. Especially the cage they are kept in. You can find many beautiful cages online which people often sell hand-crafted. They add many colorful and fancy fittings to it. The more the cockatiels are attracted the more they would like to stay pleasingly.

What Happens If Green Cheek Conures Are Left Neglected?

  • They can fall sick and can have health issues
  • They will become agitated and will start misbehaving
  • They will self-mutilate themselves aggressively.
  • They will shout and scream above their pitches for seeking attention.
  • They will repeatedly show certain ill moves

What Can Be The Possible Health Issues In Green Cheeked Conure?

All organisms either humans or birds need to perform the seven life processes to stay fit and healthy. Anything that disturbs them can cause serious illness. Hence, Green cheeked conure can also get affected by certain serious illnesses. If left untreated it can cause severe loss and even death in some cases. The major health issues that can occur are:


This disease commonly presents with loss in the appetite of the bird, runny nose, abrupt changes in feces, and eye infections. The best you can do when you notice these symptoms is to seek advice from a vet.


The most commonly occurring illness in green cheek conures is excessive diarrhea which is mostly of unknown origin. It passes loose, runny stools. The major reason why Green Cheek Conures get infected with diarrhea is because of the ingestion of parasites via food.


When green cheek conures are bored or want attention they start harming themselves. Plucking feathers is the most highlighted form of self-harm which they do. Apart from attention poor diet and a collection of other diseases also contributes to this form of illness.


A severe yet curable disease that Green Cheek Conure often encounters is Polyoma Virus. The signs include sudden weight loss, tiredness fatigue, and even death. It is important to immediately consult your vet for urgent treatment.

What Is The Difference Between A Healthy And An Unhealthy Bird?


  • Response well and are always alert
  • Eat properly throughout the day
  • Non-watery eyes
  • All the body parts remain intact and look normal
  • The feathers are smooth and non-textured.


  • Inability to fly or move
  • Continuous coughing and sounds while breathing
  • Swollen beak
  • Rough and plucked feathers
  • Discolored and runny stools
  • Watery eyes and nose
  • Bulging eyes
  • Lack of appetite

What Are The Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Keeping Green Cheek Conures?

  • A clean and neat environment
  • An area free of pollution
  • Avoid smoking in front of them

Final Verdict

It is not everyone’s piece of cake to keep birds as pets. You need to put in a lot. They seek a lot of attention and so you should be aware of the fact that you have to give ample time to them. however, it is fun to see them and the activities they do. Pets absorb negative energy from home is not just a saying but a fact. Love them and they will love you back.

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