Corn Snake Lifespan – How Long Do Corn Snakes Live


There are several animals all around the world which people like to keep as their pets. Despite significant variation and so many classes, people have unique choices. You might be shocked to hear that even some people like to keep reptiles as their pets. For sure, it is strange!

Ranging from crocodiles to alligators and even different lizards and snakes are kept as a pet in various cultures. Although these animals are regarded as an emblem of threat, in most cases yet, those who love thrill and adventures daily even have fun with these animals and even tame them as their pet. For sure, this is something quite amusing.

When we talk about snakes, there are several varieties available in the world. Amazon forests, being the hub of several animal species, also have different types of snakes. One of the most unique, attractive, and lovable snake species is known as the Corn snakes. They are so-called their mesmerizing skin layers and patterns.

Therefore, if you plan to get a reptile friend at home, be very sure about your choice. Corn snakes are genuinely the ideal form of snakes that you can manage to buy as your pet. In this blog, we are going to highlight all the details regarding corn snakes. Hence, you will surely enjoy getting their company at your home. Although these animals look tough, they still need adequate care for a long healthy life. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

It’s a deadly thought to imagine having a pet snake beside you in your home. Still, people who crave uniqueness have vast areas to make choices. This is the reason why corn snakes look ideal for these people. Even if you are one of the categories, feel free to look at its species closely.

Corn snakes are perfect to be kept as pets. They are easy to maintain and manage as you don’t have to go the extra mile for their care. Only a few caring measures are enough to cater to these snakes. Corn snakes are also called Pantherophis guttatus. The reason for their preference as pets is their attractive and variable patterns and colors of their skin. Furthermore, they are easy to breed if you want to increase their family. They have docile dispositions, which is the reason why they have an exclusive and rightful place among the herpetoculture.

You might be wondering about their size. For sure, while getting your favorite pet, it is essential to consider the animals’ size. This helps to gauge the amount of effort which you need to put while living with them. As far as corn snakes are concerned, they are hardy and are perfectly handled. Yet, they are not excessively huge to fright you and your family at all.

Moreover, their genetic traits are also ideal to be kept as a pet. Therefore, after going through several compelling reasons to buy corn snakes, this is the time to note down about where you can buy these. You can find these from online reptile stores, reptile exhibitions, expos, and directly from breeders. Even though, those corn snakes that are caught from wildlands also get tamed as pets, captive forms of corn snakes are ideal for getting a pet. This ensures the health, age, history, and all the essential details to help you manage them.

Corn Snakes Lifespan In General

For sure, the lifespan of any animal you are getting as a pet counts a lot. This is usually because getting pets is all about emotional and financial investment, and no one likes to get something that does not live for longer.

When we talk about corn snakes, they have a variable lifespan. Mainly, this depends on their habitat, either in captivity or wild. In general, they live between 6-15 years. Amazed? Yes, this duration is effective enough to be kept as a pet. There are also other factors that affect the lifespan of reptiles, especially snakes. For instance, a scorching climate negatively influences the snakes as they have thin skin and may result in rapid dehydration.

In short, if all the proper conditions are provided to the animals, they are likely to survive more. Therefore, when you bring your new pet corn snake, try to follow the prior research to spend their long life with you.

How Long Do Corn Snakes Live In The Wild?

Everyone knows that the life of animals in the wild is completely different from the one based on captivity. This is why whenever we talk about an animal’s lifespan, the next question towards us is always something about their habitat, that is wild and captivity. No matter what the case is, as an owner, you need to know about this comparison.

So, finally, you have decided to get corn snakes for yourself as a pet. Still, the answer to their lifespan in the wild is significant. Corn snakes live for around six to eight years which is relatively lesser than their life in captivity. This variation is because wild snakes are exposed to several predators, and the struggle for life is continued from birth to death. Also, the threat of scarcity and unavailable nutrition keeps the animal disturbed in terms of health, and hence, their lifespan is decreased.

How Long Do Corn Snakes Live In Captivity?

After discussing the life of corn snakes in the wild, it’s time to highlight their captivity lifespan. You might be amazed to know that corn snakes are intelligent and active creatures that ideally correspond to the environment where they live. Wondering how? We will let you know in a while.

Everything which you are offering to your pet animal directly or indirectly affects its life. Hence, it would be the best if you chose everything precisely. The life expectancy of corn snakes in captivity is longer that is more than 20 years. Maybe you could find out that the oldest snake in the nearby pet shop is around 30 years old. According to the facts, most of the snakes don’t reach this much age, probably because of the pet shop’s awful husbandry.

The major problem of the pets you see in shops is the careless behavior of their owners. Most of them are unaware of how to cater to different animals. Hence, they loot their buyers by offering only basic details about pets but not something significant. In any situation, a corn snake can quickly become sick and sooner or later will end up dying without reaching the vet. This is undoubtedly inhuman, yet these practices are still very common.

How Long Do Ball Corn Snakes Live?

The ball corn snake is another form of corn snake species. Their lifespan variate not only according to their habitat but also according to the species. It should be kept in mind that you must know about the species and its details before you buy your new pet snake.

Ideally, the ball corn snakes live for around 20 to 30 years. Still, this range may also variate because of different environmental factors. No matter what the case is, you should always highlight these points at the time of buying. Even if the shopkeeper is not sharing adequate data, you must either ask for more of it or go with your prior detailed research.

How Long Do Albino Corn Snakes Live?

Albino corn snakes are incredibly appealing as compared to other varieties. This is mainly because of the vibrant color tone of their skin. When it comes to this variety’s lifespan, we have already mentioned that there is wide variation among the different types of snakes.

Albino corn snakes live for around 3 to 7 years. This is relatively lesser when compared with other varieties. The difference is sometimes because of their habitat and nutrition.

If you plan to get this specie, you are free to make this choice but be sure you are aware of the norms of their cage and habits. Above all, don’t forget to ask about its nutritional needs from the shopkeeper.

How Long Do Red Corn Snakes Live?

We have seen a lot of people have a passion for reptiles and especially snakes. But as we all know, we can’t do anything spontaneously, particularly when planning to own a pet. A lot of research is required while making that decision along with its habitat nature and a proper study have to be gone through repeatedly to make sure that you find the right pet animal for yourself without risking the life of the innocent animals and yours too in some cases.

So for this, it is quite important to get all the information about the animals before buying yourself any other usual pet animal. People don’t value the importance of this crucial step to knowing better about the animal while this step can help you in setting minimal expectations about your new pet. Also, it gives us a better knowledge of exactly how we can take care of our new pet to be.

The same thing goes for red corn snakes and their expectancy of how long they can live. The research has shown that corn snake has the potential of living up to the average of 15 years if they are kept in captivity. However, these snakes have also survived for up to 20 years, even when given better living conditions. In contrast to wild corn snakes, the snakes cannot live more than 5-10 years obviously due to the harsh climatic conditions and being on their own. Therefore, the pet corn snakes get quite lucky due to their owner’s constant love and attention and providing them the best from their side.  

Also, it has been seen that if a corn snake can also go to its latter teenage as well summing up as its 20s only. As far as their reproduction is concerned, they can be reproductive up till 10-12 years of their age not than that longer.

Factors That Affects Corn Snakes Lives

There are abundant factors that directly affect the life of your corn snake, helping them to grow old, unlike the other wild corn snakes that are:

Another crucial step that we would like our readers to notice is that just like any other living being, these reptiles also feel the pressure and anxiousness around them, which can directly affect their health. So if you want your pet to be happy and playful, then avoid such stress conditions. If you are unable to avoid this possible situation of anxiousness from your pet corn snake, then this will not only make them angry, but they will also get away from you.

To overcome this situation, snakes have a natural phenomenon of isolating themselves and like to have some me time to make themselves feel better. Also, another thing that we have seen is that try not to handle your snake quite often. We don’t want you not to handle it at all but give them a break also; they need it.  Giving them break time to time helps them to overcome stress and anxious situations easily.

How To Increase Your Corn Snake’s Lifespan In Captivity?

Corn snakes can last longer than other wild corn snakes if taken proper care of during their captivity time. We have also found the oldest corn snake has been 30 years old. But this requires proper caring conditions for them to grow that old, and that only comes with vast knowledge about these snakes.

People always complain that these snakes don’t usually grow old, and they can die early while ignoring the fact that they don’t even know how to take care of corn snakes at first. Secondly, they buy the snakes from very un-authentic sources and mostly from pet shops that don’t even carry the right information of taking care of these corn snakes.

To give better life and to increase the life of your snake, there is no such secret formula to it. Rather than having a proper knowledge of what breed you want to keep as your pet and how to take care of them properly. Also, try to give the best of your care and affection to your pets from the very start that can eventually lead to a long and healthy life.

How To Check The Age Of Your Corn Snakes?

Many pet owners have shown their concern about how to know that their corn snake is doing well and how to know about its age as well. What are such parameters or conditions to know that they are doing well?

Majorly it has been seen that when corn snakes start to get older, they look pretty fine and healthy with a possibility of leading a good potential life even. If a snake has been given proper attention and care from the initial days, it is quite sure that they will grow in good health in their growing age and also you can get an idea of how old your snake is by measuring it. Babies of corn snakes are born between 8”-14” inches in length. But the normal adult snake goes up to 5’feet. Also, with the help of this chart you will have a better understanding.

Corn Snake Growth Chart

Hatching8 – 12 inches6 – 8 grams
6 months20 – 30 inches26 – 30 grams
12 months35 – 40 inches35 – 100 grams
24 monthsup to 60 inchesup to 900 grams

Common Health Problem Of Corn Snakes

As we all know, many age problems gradually start to progress when a living body starts to grow old. The same happens with the reptiles, too; in their older ages, there is the possibility of facing some of the health problems that can also cause some serious severities if not taken seriously.

There are chances for the corn snakes to get infections in their respiratory systems, bones and also in their mouth too.

The symptoms included with these infections are breathing difficulties, skin bumps, the shedding of their skins, and even a white discharge around their mouths.

Dermatitis is also seen in corn snakes at their old ages, which affects them badly by shedding and inflaming their scales off. One of the prominent reasons for this is the enclosure that is not cleaned properly, even though many factors contribute to this situation.

The pet owners have been suggested that whenever they encounter any health issue in their pets, try to reach their veterinarian as early as possible. This allows the veterinarian to give their best in saving your pet.

General Care For Your Corn Snakes

As we all know, the certain fact about snakes when they start to age taking care of them gets very challenging with time. This means you have to monitor them now more than ever and also increase the sense of your care to keep up with them and always checking upon them.

Other than that, there is not much you can do in the old age but if you have taken proper care of your pet since the early days, then there is a higher rate of possibility that they won’t face much of the diseases in their last ages.


We tried our best to give you ample knowledge about corn snakes. For a fact, as we know until now that corn snakes can grow old easily. If you plan to keep a corn snake pet and want them to grow old and live a long, happy life, then do the abundant research from the right source and visit the vet for a better understanding. We are pretty sure that there are many things about corn snake husbandry to still understand.

However, this information will be sufficient to give you basic knowledge and understanding of corn snakes and make them feel better, leading to their old ages. The more the research about your pet, the more they will lead a happy and long life. After all, only a pet owner knows the importance and value of a pet in their lives, so please don’t risk it at all.

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