My Dog Is Scared of Me Because I Hit Him? What Should I Do?

Dogs are loyal and faithful pets. They are protective of their parents and their surroundings. Dogs share an incredible bond with their masters. They do not have the same thinking capabilities as humans do. But they are emotional. Over time, the masters or pet parents determine the dog behaviour through their handling actions. Your destructive behaviour will disrupt their psychological health.

It is a part of life where humans experience mood swings. Sometimes you lose your temper, and it affects the innocent people. Your dog is a part of your family, so behave and act wisely. Your repeated frustration and constant smacking left your dog nervous and confused. You can not win the trust of a dog and make that incredible bond again.

Dogs are not evil, like humans. They do not hold any long-term grudges. But repeated hitting is not the way because the dog becomes tough if it has a dominant nature.

When dogs behave differently, the dogs might want to become mischievous. Your rude and brutal behaviour makes the dogs think you have complex standards for life where they can’t be fit in. If you beat the dogs once, they may condone and will move back to you. You should not batter the dog because:

It is a myth that dogs having aggressive nature do not feel any pain. They are more likely prone to constant suffering without yelping. They sense the pain exactly similar as humans do. The “alpha status” of dogs shows they are tough and fearless. In reality, their physical health also gets damaged besides mental health. These dogs are somewhat more sensitive than others. These are the one’s that need your help. Help them with your love and teach them positive reinforcement and attention. Never rebuke them. Or you will again hit the zero position.

The Bond May Not Remain The Same

Imagine a situation where you smack and hit your dog very severely because of his pooping action on the floor. Because you have been upset for a while. The repeated bullying will cause losing their trust. They never develop their confidence again. They will shrink in fear every time you feed them, even if you want to love them as a pet. There will be nothing more miserable for you than having your pup run in fear whenever you raise your hands to pet him. Ever faced your dog’s growling when you go near them! They consider you hostile and sense danger. You need to change a lot of behaviours… mind it

Your Dog Behaviour Will Change Permanently

It depends upon your dog’s behavioural nature, how they respond to you after beating. If your dog has an aggressive nature, he might harm you in defence. But if doggy has a calm and deferential nature, hitting will hurt his self-esteem. They may tremble to a limit they urinate in the violence. Rather than becoming confident and protective in the owner’s presence, they become anxious, nervous, confused and excessively obedient for the rest of their lives.

The negative training will let you in a complete failure that you can not establish a better relationship with people as well. Therefore, start with positive training and overcome your guilt of beating and read your dog behaviour. Any relationship becomes successful when you have a mutual understanding and compatibility.

If you beat your dog only once, things will get normalize whenever he comes back to you. Give yourself and your doggy a time.

If you spank your dog many times, you need to improve your relationship by getting positive training. Utter some friendly and lovable words whenever he will come back to you in his time. Your repetitive bullying actions will cause him in complete confusion, and he becomes cautious even in his sleep.

Start With A Positive Training

Sometimes, adopting a positive attitude towards your dog will become quite challenging if they repeat the same mistake various times. Reprimanding and hitting them indicates you are getting afraid of the situation. They repeat the mistake again and again whenever they are comfortable and at ease around you.

The positive training is the best option as it works on both yourself and your dog. You can attend classes in training or can hire some personal trainer. Numerous organizations help more than what you’re affording. It is free of abuse training, which develops the confidence of both owner and pet. The exercise becomes progressive when the pet parent starts to know how to handle his pet and dog knows how to react or obey in a particular situation.

At the end of the training session, you will become kind yet assertive while dealing with the dog. The dog will become obedient and understanding of your actions. It will show impressive results.

Learn How To Control Your Temper

If you have anxiety attacks and anger issues, try to do some productive pieces of training by joining classes. Meet the psychologist in person or join session about how to control your anger. You will become more productive in doing useful things by utilizing the bad energy instead of rebuking your dog for no or secondary reason.

Control your temper and let it learn and grasp things slowly. Make sure you use positive reinforcement than a negative one. It can get complicated at times. But remember your little friend is worthy enough for this much love and effort. Invest your time, and your puppy will surely give you a reward! Just be patient and go with the flow.


This is the last option when you think you cannot handle your dog correctly anymore. It will be amongst the most challenging options, though. Re-homing can be considered when you feel you cannot give due time to your puppy, cannot take care of its essentials, and are facing severe mental health problems that can harm your pup. The re-homing can be done through a reliable and well-managed shelter. Many shelter homes for dogs are available where they happily take the puppy. They will happily train your pup, induce good habits and work on its grooming correctly.

The positive training and personal training might get exhaustive sometimes. But, there is a big win in the end in the form of a lovely family.

Strategies To Repair The Relationship With Your Dog

Mind Your Behaviour

I acknowledge that you love your pup and reprimand it with the best intention. You worry about its health a lot. But don’t you think you are affecting its mental health a lot more than protecting physically! Reprimanding doesn’t help it learn a positive behaviour or to know what is good or bad. It is only an unhealthy and frightening event they will try to avoid.

Moreover, it will have permanent effects on their memory. They will start obeying you neither out of love nor to please you, but to avoid you from getting angry. There is a lot of difference, and that’s miserable. Stop this behaviour instantly if you still haven’t.


The good thing is that you can make your pup return to you and feel comfortable with you! He is just learning to behave appropriately and push its boundaries. Accidents will happen, and they can frustrate you too! But do not lose your temper. Think about it as your child, and you will never have a problem again. Deal with love and positive reinforcement to make it learn what is right and how it should behave around the people. This is the best you can do to your pup.

Read Your Dog Behaviour

Invest some time to learn your dog behaviour. It will help you in upholding and amending its behaviour. You can not make your dog a robot by removing all the characters it has. Treat it as your child, and then you will never have to think again what not to do. Embrace it as it is. Help it adopt good manners and habits with positive reinforcement. The more you know, your little friend better, you will have the idea of how to treat it to get the best results.

Be Consistent With Your Dog

Do not show your mood swings to your dogs. It will make them confused. If you do not allow one thing to your dog, be consistent in your wordings and actions by not allowing the same thing for the rest of life. Moreover, if you give the same treatment once for behaving well, you can give the same again! Manage to get some for your pup for the rest of its life, you can also replace it with something your dog really loves.

Do Fun Things With Your Dogs And Join Online Groups

Your dog is like your family. Spend some time in doing fun things that the dog will enjoy, such as rubbing his belly, playing with his toys and going on long brisk walks with him. If you are a busy person, you can play for a few moments with your pup at home. You can play multiple games such as hide and seek. You can then take it outside on weekends or stop by some restaurants serving dog’s food. Online community for pets is astounding. You can arrange a virtual meetup to lighten up your little friend!


Feeling guilty is itself a lesson you want to make things better other than paralyzing the situation by repeating the same actions. The damage is easily reversible by doing cuddles and saying gentle words such as good boy or well done when smacking done is on-off. Do not become violent or get frustrated in your behavioural patterns. Otherwise, you will lose the trust and break the bond you share with your dog. Work on the things mentioned above to build clear communication with your dog. Beating your dog is not the end of your world, be calm, composed and assertive in your dealings. Use corrective tap or firm voice to let your dog behave properly despite giving negative punishment.


You can groom your dog at home but be aware when the behaviours get out of the control, and the dog becomes more aggressive to you. Moreover, if you cannot alleviate the negative behaviours, you indulged in your pup in any possible way it can get really distressing.

Do you want to help your pup? Do you like it to develop a happy and healthy relationship with you? Do you want it to behave appropriately around? Or you just want to know how smart your pup is by knowing its IQ? Have a look at this Brain Training For Your Dog.

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