Why Does My Dog Sleep at My Feet? Reasons & How To Deal With it.

Why Does My Dog Sleep at My Feet

Years ago, when dogs do not use to like interacting human race much. From this exclamation, I mean the time when these creatures were not tame and used to live in forests. At that time, they roam from a place to another, looking for safe shelters and never succumb to a vulnerable position. Love for a safe haven is inscribed in dog’s genes and has run over thousands of generations till now! Now, dogs at our home do not have to look for shelter to protect themselves. So, they sleep on your feet considering it the safest place they can find to snuggle. And they really enjoy it!

The furry companions were used to be the wild animals seeking shelters in the midnight. Nowadays, hounds are best pets which bed down during the night at or near people’s feet instead of killing. They cherish and commend you for many reasons and appreciate their slumber in your area. The dog cuddling at your feet can have so many motives starting from their cute behaviour to consider secure during the cosy frosty nights. But if your dog is persistently lying on your feet every time, deal with this attitude and study the probable bases.

Continue reading to learn all the reasons that are making your pet sleeping on your feet!

Following are the most probable reasons your dog is sleeping on your feet:

They Might Think You As A Pack Leader

Back in the old days, our pets were grown as groups. Therefore, they were brought up by coordinating and interacting with each other in the group. The doggies look up towards us as their pack leaders. For this reason, they give us preferably space where they can pursue us as a leader of their pack while putting their head on our feet. In need of an hour, they are confirmed that you will support and lift them.

They Might Feel Nervous Or Anxious

Since pets have an idea that you as a pack leader can look after them from any shock, whenever they appear depressed or afraid, they cling to your feet. Every time they move up with the new canine situation in their lives, they choose to turn into a submissive dog and look for you to come up with a solution.

The sleeping time of dogs is the most susceptible time when they can be easily hunted and not guarded at all. They are not in their defensive position to cope up the imminent danger. Therefore, they become vulnerable. They find appeasement at your feet since they are very close to their guardian.

They become anxious whenever you get separated from them and leave home. Dogs think you can not care about them properly when you are away from them or go to the office. Their living conditions are becoming overwhelmed by your efforts. They most likely to fell asleep when you are about to disappear.

They Have Instincts

It is the behaviour that is integrated into their DNA. For example, when they are young pups, they adhere to their mother’s footsteps and lay down close to their mother’s feet. It is their instinct to be devoted to their loved and cared ones. Another reason is their thinking of you as the alpha leader. That is why they are comfortable sleeping on your feet. By doing this, they present a symbol of respect, loyalty and devotion towards their leader.

They Might Want To Show Dominance

The predominant nature of the dog can be determined up by this behaviour. If they prefer to show power, they sit up in your lap or on your feet. Their Dominance can easily be claimed by getting higher near you or in your lap. They need other pets to think that they are the prominent ones with getting maximum affection and charge from the owner.

They Might Want To Warn Other Canines

The other canines can be threatened by their behaviour. In public, they wish to mark their territory and inform the other dogs to stay away from their leader. This action is a way of applauding its group head. The dedication to recognize and admire their group leader is awe-inspiring. They describe other dogs; no one can claim that you are other dogs’ owner.

This might become a problem when your dog becomes too clingy. If your dog is starting to damage other people or causing them serious injury whenever they come close to you. Talk to a personal trainer and adopt positive training techniques to get rid of this habit.

Falling asleep of your dog regularly on your feet becomes an inevitable problem. Therefore, you should know how to solve this issue.

Encouraging The Behaviour

One of the significant reasons for dog’s sleeping on your feet is your encouraging behaviour. If you are too consistent with the extra attention, belly rubs or delicious treats when it gets to you, it will likely do it a lot more. It is to get more love and reward.

If your pup is laying on your feet excessively and it is causing you a good disturbance, the best thing you could do is look onto your behaviour. Stop your treats instantly and start giving them at random places when the dog behaves appropriately. This is the best way you can avoid this behaviour.

Waiting For Food Or Exercise

Your dog can also be lying on your feet to get your attention. It is as if it is waiting for something from you. The reason prevails over the other most likely when it does it a lot more when it is hungry. Moreover, if you are missing its exercises a lot and have stopped taking it out, it can be a sign of sluggishness. Give your dog enough activities to release its energies. Take it outside. If it stops doing it after a fair play and food, you must be sure that this habit is due to your unattentiveness. Mind your pups food and exercise timings, and that is all!

It Is Being Affectionate

Leave aside all the other matters, it can also be because our pups love us a lot. Most of the time puppies usually want to cuddle with us, live near to us and admire us. So, if we are working on something or just sitting leisurely on a sofa, they may come to you to cuddle you. It is a kind of warm hug. We often ignore our furry little friends to whom we mean the whole world. We are all that they have, and they want to value us. So, when they see us by ourselves, they just want to cuddle and give a hot hug.

Moreover, puppies are susceptible to human behaviour. They can instantly recognize if you are feeling low. It is because they live with us daily and also naturally sensitive to crying behaviour. So, when they sense we are a bit low than usual, they exhibit it by various body languages. Look if your puppy is also in anxiety when you are in the middle of a breakdown or is suffering something really depressing. It is their way to give you a big hug and console you! Understand their body language and do not let your dog consume away in the anxiety of helping you. Show your love, hug it, and give a big smile.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Is Laying On Your Feet Excessively?

If your dog’s behaviour is persistent and is reflecting some kind of abnormality, you need to focus your attention immediately. Determine the cause behind the action. If you can not do so, take the help of your vet. After knowing the reason behind your pet’s behaviour, you can work on the following things to facilitate such action

Drive Down Their Anxiety

Anxiety affects your dog’s mental health. Try to cut down the activities that prompted them to become concerned. You should not take off the home until you are satisfied with the things of your dog:

  1. Reward it before leaving
  2. Leave it with an exercise that the dog will enjoy
  3. Do fun things or cuddles with your dog before leaving
  4. Feed it before leaving
  5. Let the dog pee before you’re going so he could not mess up other things in your home, and sit and relax until you come.
  6. The most important one comes back shortly after you left home.

Train Your Dog

The dog should be trained by using positive techniques. Meet the trainer in person, if workable, to let the dog act in your way. Otherwise, set up with approaches such as:

  • Make an area for your dog that he is comfortable in sleeping
  • Take your dog there and direct it to stay there
  • Reward your dog once it embraces you
  • Repeat the process somedays to make it the habit of a dog.
  • Repeat the process without reward by saying some friendly and charming words such as good boy, great job etc.

Change Your Behaviour

There are times when you think that let him snuggle up and bed down for a time on your feet. But if you are trying to develop a habit of your dog, be consistent and avoid encouraging him. The dog might get upset about the places and never trusts you for a good reason. Do not give the furry companion a treat, if he falls to develop this habit.

Whether your dog is content or feels shy, this action is perfectly normal and endurable if it is for once. The physical closeness of a dog is a joyful experience for both dog and human. The dog, fond of his owner, wants to cuddle up, or show up power, or choose to be in a secure area under his pack leader. If you pay attention to some signs of uneasiness, fear and agitation, make the things workable so he can be relaxed again. Consult a professional trainer if this manner served to some serious results.

Final Thoughts

If your dog is lying on your feet, it can be really enjoying and soothing with the soft and warm fur rubbing against the skin. It is the natural and pleasurable state not only for humans but also for pups. Moreover, it also keeps the cuddling come all the time. It is the place where the dogs feel the safest and are there to tell you that they love you unconditionally, trust you blindly, and you are their last resort. However, if your dog is exhibiting such a behaviour excessively, you need to pay attention to other reasons. Some of the fundamental reasons you need to consider are

  1. They are suffering from depression
  2. It may be a sign of separation anxiety
  3. They are thinking you as their leader
  4. They might be getting protective towards you
  5. It’s because of your wrong positive reinforcement
  6. It is doing it to drive your attention to get food and exercise.

Determine the reason and solve the problem from the root. Consider working on healthy and happy boundaries with your pup. And last but not least, whenever you are in doubt about anything, contact your vet immediately. Do not try any hit and try the method on your pup. They are your best friends and part of your family, of course.

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