Would My Dog Protect Me If I Was In Danger

will my dog protect me

Dogs have natural protective nature for their master and the family it brought up in. For instance, if you are getting robbed or experience any violent act in front of your pet dog, it will try to save you. The dog will counterattack to the bad stranger by biting or barking loudly on it.


Let’s talk about some ways in which our dogs may protect us. The term protection here refers to the generate a sense of safety a pet dog can give to its master. A dog is considered as a faithful pet. The amount of love and care you bestow your dog will be returned by the dog in terms of loyalty. Going on a walk along with your dear dog is one of the refreshing activities one can have. Dog loves walking with its master. Your dog can sense if something strange is happening to you. It will try to save you from strangers if they surround or try to rob you.

This is an appreciable quality of a dog that they get trained quickly. A well-trained dog can help you to keep your home safe from intruders to broke in.


In case if a robber tries to get in your home late night, your dog will start barking. It will make you alert to act against the burglars. Moreover, your dog would be enough effective in defending you. in scenarios of such burglary, your dog will protect you by barking, attacking, and biting the robber.

Can Your Dog Protect You From Strangers?

The dog is a friendly animal. You train your dog to act nice and amiable to other humans and animals.

After such training, your dear pet will not be able to differentiate among a good and bad stranger quickly. Unless the stranger performs a visible act of violence your dog will

not help you in any way.

How will Your Dog Respond To Environmental Danger?

Dogs have sharp hearing and smelling sense. They can alarm you if there is something off around you. A dog can act reactively if he senses gas leakage, fire burning, or someone intruding into the house.

on the other hand, a coward dog will run to a corner, hide and let the master fix everything himself. An untrained and coward dog will not perform any role in wakening up his master in case of any unfavorable situation.

The Behavior Of Different Breeds:

Some breeds play quite more protective role due to their breed origin however other breeds do not play such a protective role. Like German shepherd and Canine are two breeds who are well known as a commendable protection provider.

Most canines have such a solid intuition to ensure their friends and family that no measure of socialization will decrease it. Then again, a defensive sense can be solid to the point that it causes undesirable hostility toward individuals outside the family. Therefore, the guarding nature ought to be sharpened through ahead of schedule and continuous socialization and standard preparation. Without this, an enthusiastic defender could represent a threat to kids and grown-ups outside of the family.

Different reasons drive the dog to bark. Most of the time a dog barks if he is frightened or feels any fear around. The dog barks due to discomfort and fears not because of boldness. A well-trained dog, even a bigger one like Asterix or a small German Shepherds can bite strong enough to pull a grown man out of the chair.

Socializing Effects On The Dogs:

When the dogs are socialized and trained by the good trainers due to these factors their behavior becomes friendly towards humans and animals, their instinct power gets stronger and if any incident happens with us automatically their protection shield starts protecting us.

Conversely, due to the friendly nature and training, your dog acts amiable to everyone around. There are some chances that your dog will not sense the danger and keep on acting soft and friendly. for example, if someone snatches your purse and run away, and your innocent dog feels if you are playing and enjoying so he is not going to help you in any way


The behavior of all dogs is different regarding the protection point of view. Maybe a dog saves its owner from something happening wrong in surrounding and on the other hand, maybe a dog did not protect its master infect hide. The way your dog provides you protection depends on the training you have given. The police, guards, and security providers use well-trained dogs to catch the criminals. They are watchful, loyal, and protective of their police officers. Such dogs are proved helpful to resolve the crime.

Depending on the breed of dog and the type of training and experience, a pet dog may prove itself as a safety provider to its owner.

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