Can Parakeets Eat Bananas?


Parakeets (also called ‘Budgies’) are not a specific parrot species. They are very small-sized parrots having a slender build and log tailed feathers. These small parrots are very affordable and easy to tame. They become very difficult to understand sometimes but are capable of mimicking human speech. 

Parakeets are fairly easy to feed. If you are considering becoming a parrot pet parent, you should know that these birds are always willing to enjoy most of the treats you present to them. 

Generally, many nutrients found in simple foods around our home are enough for your parakeet. You may get surprised to know that human foods are safe and recommended for parakeets. 

For your parakeet’s diet, fresh fruits and vegetables are the best options. Only a seed mix is not adequate to fulfill their full nutritional requirements. While providing food for parakeet, you should always keep in your mind some nutritional needs and considerations. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about feeding bananas to your budgie.

After talking about all the eating habits and dietary food which can be given to parakeet in their diet in this complete guide. In this article we will be sharing all the essentials points that will assist you while feeding your parakeets bananas in their diet. Bananas are rich in minerals, generally potassium which makes it a very important fruit to feed your parakeets. Potassium is a key nutrient of a diet to keep your parakeet in good health and happiness. 

Your budgie loves to eat bananas every day. Sticking their beak into it is their favorite thing to do. Fresh bananas are a good source of antioxidants you can offer your budgie every day.    

Bananas are safe for your parakeets, for sure. You may buy many other expensive diet supplements for your feathery friend, but you will find that buying fresh bananas can save you a lot of money. 

Another important thing about feeding bananas to your parakeets is that along with fulfilling the nutritional requirements of your parakeets, bananas, when served fresh, do not have many side effects like other fruits that contain toxic and complex compounds. 

Also, you can feed your pet friend other fruits and vegetables like oranges. Leafy green vegetables contain certain minerals and vitamins that are important for the well-being of these parrots.

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Bananas?

You can treat your budgie with a banana every day in a moderate amount. A single whole banana will be a little too much for this small bird. So you can cut the banana into little pieces to make it easier to manage. 

What Nutrients Do Bananas Have?

The nutrition facts of 1 medium sized (100 g) banana are

  Calories: 89
  Carbs: 22.8 grams
  Proteins: 1.1 grams
  Water: 75%
  Sugar: 12.2 grams
  Fiber: 2.6 grams
  Fat: 0.3 grams

Bananas are the rich source of carbohydrates that occur as starch in the unripe banana and sugar in the ripe banana. The composition of carbs of bananas changes drastically during the ripening. The most common types of sugars present in ripe bananas are fructose, glucose, and sucrose. 

In decent amounts number of minerals and vitamins are also present in bananas. Mainly including Potassium, Vitamin C, and B6.

  Potassium: 9%
  Vitamin C: 11% 
  VitaminB6: 33%
  Magnesium: 8%
  Manganese: 14%
  Copper: 10% 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Bananas For Parakeets?

Bananas are rich in health benefits for the birds. They are a good source of vitamin A and offer numerous health benefits of Magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6. 

Here is the discussion on the effects of these nutrients on the parakeet’s health.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most important parts of your parakeet’s nutritional needs. It is important for your budgie’s eye health, reproductive health, feather health, and immune system functioning.

Unfortunately, most of the birds, including parakeets, are deficient in vitamin A. Due to its deficiency, parakeets get susceptible to many infections, dull feathers, weight loss, wheezing and swollen eyes. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin complexes are an important part of a bird’s diet. They help to break down important nutrients and food for your budgie’s body to use.

These compounds are excreted from the body, so it is essential to incorporate vitamins into your parakeet’s daily diet.


Magnesium is very important for your parakeet in many ways. It contributes to the proper bone growth of your budgie and helps them have strong beaks, feathers, and nerve impulses. Also, Magnesium helps in the improvement of brain neurons and muscle coordination and contributes to a healthy heart. 


Like humans, iron is essential in birds for the production of hemoglobin, which helps their blood in carrying oxygen. Unfortunately, iron is very tricky in birds as too much iron will cause iron storage diseases, while low-level iron leads to anemia. So it is required to maintain a good balance. 

Can Parakeets Eat The Banana Peel?

As we have already discussed that parakeets can eat bananas, but what about their peel? So, the answer to this question is yes, parakeets can eat banana peel, but it is not highly recommended. 

And when we talk about the reason why you should not let your parakeet eat the banana peel. That is because the banana peel itself is not a concern but what might be on the peel is. 

Like other fruit, bananas are also grown with pesticides (a chemical that keeps the pests away while the fruit is grown). These pesticides pose a great effect on these tiny creatures even in small doses and can cause serious illness. 

Even if you have washed the skin of the banana, you should try to avoid offering it with the peel to your parakeet. But, if your parakeet loves the banana peel, you can offer your bird organic ones that are grown without using any pesticides.

Can Parakeets Eat Banana Chips?

No, you should not give your parakeet banana chips. However, you might think that banana chips are a good alternative to bananas, but in fact, these are considered refined food and are not safe for your budgie at all. 

An ounce of banana chips carries 16 grams of sugar for your tiny friend, which is very unhealthy. Intake of refined sugars results in deficiencies and health problems. Sugar promotes infections and affects the functioning of the digestive system, nervous system, and endocrine system. Increased sugar intake can also result in obesity, diabetes, gout, cancer, feather picking irritability, high cholesterol levels, anxiety, etc. 

That is why, while banana chips provide nutritional elements like potassium and Magnesium to your parakeet, they contain refined sugars that are very unhealthy for your budgie.

 You can offer your tiny feathered friend homemade banana chips that are sun-dried without using refined sugar and making a healthy and safe treat for your parakeet. 

Can Parakeets Eat Banana Bread?

Yes, you can give your budgie banana bread, but only as a fun snack. Banana bread should not be included in your parakeet’s daily diet as it does not have any nutritional value for them.

Furthermore, like banana chips, you should not give banana bread from the store to your bird. These banana bread are loaded with many additives such as sugar, salt, oil, and all of these ingredients can affect your budgie’s health. 

Make sure to feed your parakeet homemade banana bread that will be free from any additives. To make banana bread tastier for your pet, you can add their favorite nuts in it also.

Tips For Feeding Bananas To Your Parakeets

Go Organic

Even if you are not giving banana peels to your parakeets, it will be a good idea to go for organic ones. Non-organic bananas might be safe for your budgie, but it is always best to be safe than sorry. Organic is the safest option, free of any risk to go. 

Go Raw

To go for raw bananas is the absolute best way to give to your parakeet, as raw bananas are packed with a richness of nutrients that make an excellent addition to your parakeet’s diet. But, be sure to add other fruits with bananas. Your parakeet should have at least three different fruits each day so that they receive maximum nutritional benefits. 

Do Not Cook Bananas

In the raw form, most of the nutrition is present in the bananas, while cooking them strips most of its nutrition, and banana does not hold its real nutritional value anymore then.

Can Parakeets Have Plantains?

Plantains are the greener form of bananas that are also safe for your parakeet. Plantains are considered even more beneficial because many essential nutrients that a bird needs are present in them.

Again, plantains should also be organic and fed raw for their real nutrition. However, there is an exception to cook these fruits. If your parakeet is unwell, cooked plantain and bananas will be easier for them to digest until they get healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Food Items Are Not Good For My Parakeet?

Chocolates, onions, alcohol, beverages, avocado, mushrooms, rhubarbs, apple seeds, pits of other fruits, and garlic are not good for your parakeet. You should avoid these items to avoid any upset to their stomach and causing any serious illness.

Can I Feed My Parakeet With My Food?

It would be best if you did not feed your parakeet with what you eat. The food we eat contains sugars, salts, and other spices that are not good for the parakeet’s health. You should also avoid offering any junk food like beverages to your budgie.

Should I Feed My Parakeet With Banana Leaves?

There is not much research was done that identifies if banana leaves are harmful or not when eaten by birds. But banana leaves have antibacterial properties and can be a good substitute for a chew toy. 


Bananas are a rich source of many nutrients that make them healthy food for your parakeet. The only thing you should consider while feeding your banana is that you should always go for organic ones, and bananas must be given in the raw form so your budgie can get all its nutrition. 

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