Do Leopard Geckos Bite? Is It Harmful? Ways To Avoid It

Do Leopard Geckos Bite?

Every living being has a specific type of defense mechanism. Some behave very differently if they feel offended. Many times, you might have witnessed the aggressive behavior of the kindest animals. This is because they felt that they are under attack.

"To the defense, oneself means to show how strong they are."

When you know the animal’s true nature, you would probably prefer to calm them down, especially if they are pets. In case any animal portraying this type of behavior is stray, finding an excellent place to seek protection is something you should prefer.

It is because even if they are small or large, you probably are in trouble if they start to attack back. On the other hand, there are also those animals who are harmless even if they are in an attacking mood.

When it comes to keeping a unique pet, several things come up in mind because people don’t know much. Before getting them, there are several queries which repeatedly strikes the mind, such as:

  • What do they eat?
  • How active are they?
  • How do they respond?
  • What activities do they like to have fun with? And above all;
  • Do they bite?

For all these questions, the answers are helpful to know more and more about the new guest as your unique pet.

Leopard Geckos is usually preferred by people who don’t like to go mainstream. This animal bears some of the most classical yet plausible features, which they showcase time and again.

As a whole, they are indeed the most lovable creatures. But, if you have never been the owner of Leopard Geckos, you probably would be pretty much confused regarding their actions and habits. The most common question which the new pet lovers want to resolve is “Do Leopard Geckos Bite?” Because of a strange look, anyone can get a misconception about these.

So, follow this blog ahead to resolve your queries about Leopard Geckos, especially their defensive mechanisms. End of the day, you will love this pet and will not resist to fetch them asap!

You may call this animal “Leos.” They will surely love their nickname. Leopard Gecko doesn’t need any specific protocols to live with you. A good gesture and gentle touch are all that they need. As far as their behavioral practices are concerned, Leopard Gecko is nocturnal, ground-dwelling, and very easy to be trained. Their toe pads are not so sticky to create a mess for you. That is why they can’t climb walls, but unlike the conventional geckos, they have eyelids. Leopard Gecko is well known to produce sound, incredibly when hungry.

Do Leopard Geckos Bite?

This is truly one of the most searched questions about Leopard Geckos. As a whole, this reptile is known for its calm and relaxed nature. But, end of the day, they are animals, and you can’t precisely predict their behavior without getting experience or information from the experts. 

Actually, Yes! Leopard Geckos can bite, but it is not as significant and poisonous as other reptiles. It is because even the adults don’t have large teeth, and even if they try to bite your finger, this will not hurt you. Exceptions indeed account here. The Giant Leopard Geckos bites sometimes turn out to be painful. Still, there is nothing to take as an emergency.

Why Do Leopard Geckos Bite?

Although the bite of Leopard Geckos is not very harsh, it is still essential for the owners to figure out the factors which trigger their defensive behavior. These reptiles are calm, yet they react and may bite if a male takes your hand as an opponent or even a female, if they feel like you may capture their territory. Whenever you deliberately or mistakenly mishandle them, they will get offended and return while attacking. Like most of us, hunger indeed excites the Leopard Geckos, and they can bite you quickly, taking your finger as their food. Therefore, before handling, try to be sure that your pet is fully fed. Also, a newly hatch Leopard Geckos can bite their owners because they don’t recognize you. 

What Is The Severity Of Leopard Geckos Bites?

A new owner of Leopard Geckos can be confused because of the myths regarding their bites. Their bites are not severe at all. Leopard Geckos bites rarely, and even if they do, it does not hurt much. The adult Leopard Geckos bites are nothing extreme. Comparatively, the giant Leopard Geckos bite is a little painful but not harsh to draw blood. Overall, it results in nothing but superficial skin scratches. The main reason behind this is that they have approximately 100 teeth at birth, which sheds off and get replaced within few months. 

How To Manage If The Leopard Geckos Bite?

Usually, the bites of Leopard Geckos are not deeper at all. In any case, if it is, try to draw a little blood through the cut to eliminate the saliva. Wash it with a good antibacterial soap. Also, clean this wound with Iodine solution as it will offer an antiseptic action. Washing is necessary because it is observed that it leaves behind a foul smell in your hand and something sticky out of their body. You will surely want to avoid it.

To What Age Young Leopard Geckos Are Prone To Biting?

It is common to observe that most young animals are hyperactive and excited to explore everything around them. That is the reason why most reported animal biting incidents are because of young ones. In Leopard Geckos, like most of the cases, the young ones are hyperactive and sometimes aggressive. It is the reason they are prone to biting till the age of 9 months. After this, they become sexually active. With this, they turn into mature adults, and hence, they learn not to react aggressively towards their master.

How To Figure Out If Leopard Geckos Is In A Bad Mood?

Every animal tends to show some signs before attacking. As an owner, you must be smart enough to pick up those and get ready to manage them. If it’s not your pet, it will be far more helpful to realize their mood swings. 

Before attacking, Leopard Geckos are found to hide away from you. This shows that they are taking you as an enemy, and in near time they will indeed attack. If they are moving their tail in an “S” shape pattern, it also demarks that they are about to attack. It is the time when you must be cautious about dealing with it. Some of the newly hatched Leopard Geckos scream or hiss to show that they are reactive. At this stage, you must help them to relax while avoid handling them. This will work to calm them down.

What Are Some Common Ways To Avoid Leopard Gecko Bite You?

Everyone loves their pet unconditionally. But it is important to be playful without getting hurt. For this, you must know the measures that to avoid getting bites from Leopard Gecko. Here, we are discussing some of the most practical measures to take so that you prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting Leopard Gecko bites.

  1. Ensure that if children in your home are likely to handle Leopard Gecko, they know how to do this properly. Most of the kids don’t know how to carry this reptile without stressing them.
  2. Don’t try to restrict the movement of Leopard Gecko. If you captivate them, they will surely get offended and will take every opportunity to attack. Meanwhile, you may train your animal to avoid going on stray paths.
  3. Most of the predators’ attack Leopard Gecko from either top of their heads or with quick speeds. Make sure you don’t portray any of such behavior. Try to be gentle and slow as your progress towards your pet.
  4. Hungry pets are active in attacking. Therefore, make sure that you have fed them properly before handling them. Also, avoid disturbing them as they have a meal. Otherwise, they will protect their food by showing aggression.
  5. Moreover, try to make your pet used to handling from the very beginning. This will make it recognize your warmth, and it will welcome you without getting scared or threatened by your presence.

What Are Some Handling Tricks For Leopard Gecko?

Rightly handling your pet is essential to try, especially when you don’t want to face their aggression. Try to pick Leopard Gecko with slow movements without coming from the top. Instead, touch it with an open hand and take them on your palm gently. Leopard Gecko will take your hand as a platform and will never bite in this way. After this, let them do the way they want to be in your palm. Swiftly guide them wherever you want to take them. Ensure you don’t squeeze your animal as it can hurt them and lash out of fear immediately.

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