Tarantulas As Pets, Types, Care And Much More

Tarantulas As Pets

Tarantulas can make amazing pets; they are more conventional pets as they belong to the genre of exotic pets.  It’s quite easy to take care of them and most importantly they don’t stink which is an amazing perk if you are more prone to pet allergy. 

They would like to eat live insects such as mealworms and cricket that’s why they prove a good choice for exotic pet lovers. Besides that, they don’t need frequent meals instead can live happily with less molting. 

Tarantulas are safe to keep and easy to handle, though avoid frequent handling, it can irritate the spider. There is a fact that they are not much dangerous to bite people, their bite venom is not poisonous unless a person has specific sensitivity. 

Tarantulas are popular pets to be kept in many regions of the world.  All types of Tarantulas cannot make good pets; four major types are suitable to keep at pets.  Better to follow the general guide drawing for taking care of your spider.  As a pet owner, you need to realize that, adopting the spider as a pet will require some effort on your part. Let have a look at few prominent types of pets suitable to keep in living places.

Burrowing Tarantulas

Burrowers love to stay upper ground levels mostly. They are desert creatures semi-arid and belong to tropical atmospheres. They generically require a humid place to feel comfortable, the dry atmosphere is also suitable for them. 

Mexican Red Knee

These are calm and shy pets. They can have a longer period like 20-25 years, so if you have one think about being in his company for upcoming years.

Tropical Arboreal Tarantulas

Indeed, the most challenging type of tarantulas to adopt, they are not so easy to handle. Arboreal species is a good bet for people interested to adopt spiders. Unlike the other species they are active and quick so you have to be active to control their movement. Vertical space with climbing branches is suitable to keep them in the enclosure.

Which One Should I Choose & Why?

A beginner can make a better choice by selecting a ground dweller tarantula. Their slow movement will make handling easy and will likely stay around nearby places. Pink toe tarantula can be your second choice to keep a pet, the first time it can go well with curly hair species of spider. Sometimes they can become challenging to control through their quick moves but only the tree-doweling genre of spiders. 

This docile insect will love to crawl through your shoulder, your arm, or any other part of your body to show his affiliation with you. However, they will not spare their owners if feel extremely scared and their bites are venomous for some people. If you have higher sensitivity for insect bites you must have to handle him vigilantly. Better not to give him a fair chance of getting cross enough to bite you on his extremes. 

Some species of tarantulas are not safe to be kept as a pet as they can prove fatal by making people extremely sick and vulnerable to infection. Yet most of their species have toxicity, not more than a bee or wasp still take care while selecting tarantula as a pet. Any nasty situation caused by their bite will make you suffer from pain, swelling, and redness; anyhow, the people prone to allergies must need urgent medical attention. 

Living Conditions

Tarantulas don’t require any special environment to stay healthy, can live happily at room temperature, and enjoy basking in direct sunlight. Still, they need an enclosure/ container to have their “Me’ time. Many species of pets are necessary to be kept under various environmental conditions; you can go easy by keeping a spider. No more piles of waste, no noise, most importantly less demanding in terms of food and shelter. Tarantula will not cuddle around your neck to show its affection rather has a quiet but deep relationship with you. Their charm is alluring, not easy to ignore the cuteness of their tiny bodies, the lovely creature to adore your place. 


If you owned a tree-dwelling spider, choose a bit species enclosure almost 3 times bigger than their entire body mass. They are about one foot long almost. Never ignore their instinct of climbing, must include small tree branches so they can climb and make webs freely. 

Ground-dwelling species, the general rule is to take the container that can be two times wider and longer than the pet. You can select an aquarium of 4-5 gallons, not necessarily to take a larger one but sufficient to let the spider move freely inside it. 

Food Habits

You can make food choices according to the nutritional requirement of a tarantula. Feed them with cricket supplemented with live insects, such as mealworms, roaches, and super worms. Never forget to gut load the crickets as you are ready to present them for meal towards your tarantula. Feeding them twice or thrice a week is enough according to their energy requirements. They will not only rely on live insects, sometimes they can prey on the pinky mouse to eat, even though it a messy option for your manage household.

Feeding size depends on the size of a spider; rather they like to eat small meals, so provide a meal in less quantity. Remember small meal size doesn’t mean that they don’t have energy requirements, they do and what you have feuded to your cricket, will ultimately boost your spider. 


Keep fresh water in their eating area, use a shallow dish for the purpose. Placing pebbles in the dish will help them to crawl through the water and drink it with ease. Change water, wash container, keeps their house clean and fresh. You are the one who is in charge of taking responsibility for their hygiene. Be careful to use a deep dish full of water, close to the spider there is always a threat of drowning in the water. 

When To Take Them To Vet?

Oral Nematodes mostly cause illness and discomfort for the spiders. This is not something to be handled at home; experts are required to check the oral health of the pet. In case, there is an issue with nematodes vet can remove them while using sufficient does of local anesthesia. Oral nematodes will create molten problems that will reduce the appetite; this condition is indicated with white mucus collection around the mouth.

What Is Molting In Tarantulas?

Molting is the natural process for spiders; they have to lose their outer layer for growing into a new form, crawling out of the old exoskeleton, and emerging into a new form. Usually, before the molten period, tarantulas develop strange behavior, likely to refuse to eat as their body is initiating the process. 

Understanding the process of molting is necessary for a spider owner as it can go long for hours. Most probably, few hours or all day long.  During the process, the spider has to lie on its back and that can restrict movements during the required time to complete this cycle. Never get shocked if this ever happens, some people rush to the doctors in hassle without knowing about molting.

The Chilean Rode Tarantula and Mexican Red-Kneed tarantulas are getting famous for their demand in the pet trade. Overall, they made an easy to handle pet but certainly doesn’t mean that they don1t seek attention or require care. Females have a longer period than can go beyond 25 years, males rather tend to live shorter. Pet owners have to take account of their husbandry needs so they can live a happy and fulfilling family life. 

Are Tarantulas Interesting Pet?

Tarantulas make an interesting pet for the right people, “fun” is not enough to define their presence in your surroundings, they are awesome. You can`t rain them much more rather simpler approach to deal them indirect way work wonderfully.

Pet enthusiasts love them for their small furry bodies, soft touch, and amazing movements to attack their prey. It is amusing to see this calm and docile insect grabbing its food in a blink of an eye, shocking and unpredictable creature. They can be fairly compared with the “beauty and beast” metaphor to describe their deadly nature that is totally in contrast with their fragile bodies. They look quite impressive while attacking a cricket, the innocence fade away suddenly. 

Still, it is your personal choice to select from any species of spiders the purpose of this article is to update your information about various types of spiders.

The rest all depends on you, what you would like to adopt a pet?

What ideal living conditions you would like to provide them?

A person interested to adopt a pet must consider his/her motivations for that. Spiders are not meant to live with every human, they do have special needs and the owner has to understand them at a deeper level. If you are not ready to look into their emotional world they will leave you disappointed, this is something to do with your commitment to be fully responsible towards their duties. They will feel you, if and only you treat them with love and care, adore your relation with them.

Are You Ready To Adopt Tarantula As Pet?

Confuse, in a fix?  Might be, overthinking?

I believe that every person can`t keep tarantula unless they are not completely ready to accept them fully. Of course, adoption comes with expenses so not an easy step, tools, aquarium, and drop shipping, all need money. You can get from local sources as well, still, being critical means to know all the aspects of making this selection. When having a clear vision that tarantulas are your pick, go ahead with confidence and adore this little beauty. 

You can even adopt Scorpios, with great care, they are highly poisonous. And they don’t seem beautiful at all. For social butterflies, this is something they truly adore as a family member, less chaotic and more loving. The amazing pet world is full of colors and fantastic beauties must have a kinder heart to support these creatures. Give love, and you will be loved many folds, unconditional and pure.

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