Are Tarantulas Friendly?


Tarantulas as pets are a great responsibility. If you buy a tarantula and want them to live a long life and being with you for a longer time, you need to give extra care to them. Tarantulas are relatively easy to care for, and also they need a little attention only. 

Most of the tarantulas came from tropical areas, so they need a relatively warm place to live, and the chilly regions of your house will not be suitable for them. Where you find tarantulas beautiful, enchanting, and loveable creatures, they might be terrifying for you at the same time. 

Do many people wonder are tarantulas friendly? It is a good thing to clear all of your concerns before you take responsibility for your life. To have a mysterious pet like a tarantula, it is essential to consider all the dangers and worries before bringing them home.

Tarantulas live up to 25 years and to watch them grow is what tarantula pet owners find fascinating. Tarantulas are timid pets, and they do have venomous bites. They do not bite usually, but they can if they feel threatened. 

As they are agile and quick, tarantulas make handling difficult. The toxicity of these spider’s venomous bite is like that of a wasp or bee, which causes a local reaction only with redness, swelling, and pain. Species whose bites can make people extremely debilitated or might kill them are not usually kept as pets. 

Tarantulas will love to walk or crawl freely on their owner’s arm or shoulder, but they definitely are not the pets that love to cuddle with their owner. In short, these spider pets do not show affection, but they only do what they are programmed to do, i.e., live, hunt, and reproduce. 

Are Tarantulas Aggressive?

Tarantulas are famous spider pets because they are pretty chill in their nature. These tiny eight-legged spiders do not usually bite humans until they are provoked by someone or think of something as their food. They will not show any aggression towards humans as long as they get full respect from them. 

Are Tarantulas Friendly To Their Owners?

Being friends with this spider pet is a whole different thing. If by being friendly you mean to handle your tarantula without fear of being bitten, then your answer is definitely yes. But, if you mean a companion who actively seeks you out and feels lonely without you, then it is not friendly.

Being solitary creatures, tarantulas do not feel lonely if they are left without the company of other tarantulas or so with humans also. Your spider pets do not need your cuddles and hugs. For this kind of social interaction, they do not have social capacity.

Tarantulas are not as friendly as dogs or cats are because these animals will miss you when you are gone, but on the other hand, tarantulas will do just fine on their own.

Do Tarantulas Recognize their Owners?

This is just one of the interesting questions. Animals that can do this can distinguish between humans. They can do this through smell or sight, but it is beyond their cognitive abilities when we talk about tarantulas. Tarantulas lack this specialized brain function, so you should not develop this skill in them as they cannot do this.

Tarantulas Do Not Really Like Handling

These furry eight-legged creatures are not so affectionate, and they lack emotions. You can call them fascinating creatures with some attractive qualities that make them interesting pets. 

Several tarantulas can bear handling when you do it the proper way and with care. In the world of insects, tarantulas are the biggest introverts who prefer to be left alone rather than being bothered even by moving things around them or physically interacting with them.


Either it is a human or an animal, to change someone’s inborn nature is not a good thing to do. As these tiny eight-legged spiders, with their introverted and calm nature, loves to be left alone without being bothered, so it is best for them and you to let them live as they want. You can have cuddles with your other pets, but for tarantulas, you just need to give them the care and attention they need. 

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