Why Are Turtles Slow?

Why Are Turtles Slow

Among all the creatures that nature has ever made, turtles are one of the unique animals. Ranging from the habits to habitat, they seem to live a peaceful yet purposeful life. One of our most favorite childhood stories shared the concept that “Slow and steady wins the race.” Here, the character of the turtle won …

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What Animals Eat Turtle?

What Animals Eat Turtle?

Turtles usually live on land and freshwater; some terrapin and turtles live near the sea. Their hard shell covers them to retreat if they got attacked; some can even completely close inside their covering to deceive the enemy. Despite this natural protection, turtles often fall prey to other animals and predators. Freshwater turtles mostly lose …

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Do Turtles Have Tail?

Do Turtles Have Tail?

Turtles belong to the oldest primitive groups of reptiles and many reptiles have tails.  Yes, turtles have tails. A turtle usually uses its tail for mating and protection. The length of the tail can be different according to gender. Female turtles protect themselves with their tails and use them for mating. Male turtle has a …

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Do Turtles Attract Snakes?


Any garden is full of mystic creatures from poisonous snakes to innocuous turtles. Some are horrible predators and some are just pitiful prey. The relation is all about this food competition and the race of survival. You must be worried and suffering all over the internet when you love pets from two different species and …

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