Jennifer Ezlynn

Hey, I am a licenced veterinary practitioner. Since my childhood, I have always dreamed to be a vet and play with these adorable creatures all day long. My love to write and spread awareness pushed me towards blogging. So, I decided to merge both of my passions and create highly knowledgeable blogs for the people struggling with their new pets. There are multiple cases you may face with your pets in everyday life and also multiple odd behaviours may pop hundreds of questions into your mind. Every behaviour has a reason, and I am here to provide the very logical reasons and easy solutions. Let us take care of our pets in the best possible way!

Do Turtles Attract Snakes?


Any garden is full of mystic creatures from poisonous snakes to innocuous turtles. Some are horrible predators and some are just pitiful prey. The relation is all about this food competition and the race of survival. You must be worried and suffering all over the internet when you love pets from two different species and …

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