Do Frog Bite & Does It Hurt? How To Deal With It.


Frogs are very common pets. They are bashful and innocent. Not only frogs are common pets, but their bite is also very common. Independent of species any animal with a mouth can bite. Two major factors cause a frog to bite. Firstly, a frog can mistakenly bite the hand of its owner for food. Secondly, a frog taking defensive action can bite. 

Absolutely yes, though frogs are very shy creatures. They are innocent and docile by nature. Frogs are usually not interested in human interaction. Infect frogs do not like to interact with organisms bigger than their size. Wild frogs go through less human interaction however pet frogs oppose this. Pet frog faces humans very frequently. So here the chances of a frog’s bite increase to large extent. 

Why Do Frogs Bite?

Pet frogs are more likely to bite as compared to wild frogs. What impact does this statement leave on us? Are pet frogs ungrateful? Don’t they love their owners? No, not really. A pet frog is more likely to bite because it interacts more with humans. A fondled frog bites its owner out of malicious intent. They do it mostly when they mistake the hand of their owner for food. You are more probable to get bitten while feeding your frog by lowering down your hand to its enclosure. 

What could be the other reasons for a frog’s bite? They bite for their defense if they feel threatened. It is observed that a frog’s bite is the only defensive action it can take against any attack. In case if your frog feels threatened and fearful by your presence and finds any kind of life risk for itself, it will attack and bite you. Frogs do not have multiple options to take defensive measures, biting and saving themselves is the only option for this tiny creature. 

Does Every Frog Bite?

Are frogs habitual of biting? No, not all species. Usually, frogs do not like biting. They are not interested to interact with human beings so not concerned about biting. But yes, some of the frogs’ species like biting. 

Packman Frog             

Packman frogs are bold enough to bite anything that is threatening to them. It will not mind attacking your hand if it prompts any sign of fear to it. Among very few species that bite, a packman can also mistake your fingers for food and bite them. Though its bite is not very painful but also not pleasant and can draw blood.  

Budgett’s Frog

Budgett’s Frogs like combating predators and perceived enemies. They do not hesitate to fight anyone that threatens them. When they feel you are a threat to them, they will make themselves look big and start croaking loud. If you notice any of these two signs you should immediately get your hand or your body away from them because they are about to bite you. 

African Bullfrog

African bullfrog scientifically known as:  ‘Pyxicephalusadspersus’ are good frogs to house. However, they are well known as bitters. African bullfrogs have big jaws and do not feel any hesitation in using them. They bite you at the most unexpected moment. This species of frog likes biting things as they are made for biting. 

Do Frog Bites Hurt?

Normally most frogs’ bite will not draw any blood because frogs are tiny and not so powerful. They grab their prey and swallow it as a whole and then digest it. On the other side, an adult frog bite with spiky vomerine can hurt you very badly. They can bite with a force of up to 30 newtons (this is about 3 kilograms or 6.6 pounds). When a frog bites with this force it certainly hurts and leaves some sort of wound, swelling, redness on the affected area. Such a bite can draw blood out of your body. It happens rarely that a frog bites strong. It depends on the massiveness of the frog. 

Is It Fine To Kiss A Wild Frog?   

If you hold or kiss a wild frog you may end up getting bitten and poisoned. Your pet frogs are familiar with your presence. if you hold them, there are fewer chances of getting bitten. but a wild frog doesn’t recognize you. Kissing a wild frog may threaten it, and to overcome the fear frog will bite to make self-defence. 

On the other hand, it is more likely that by kissing a tiny innocent frog you may expose it to bacteria or chemicals. Amphibians are sensitive enough to bear the chemicals of your lip gloss and lotions. 

Are Frog Bites Poisonous?

Many frog species are found poisonous or venomous. Most of the frogs are known as jewels of rainforests, they can encounter or cause serious discomfort to unwary organisms around them. These frogs are vibrant in colors, bright, and look beautiful. Some of the most beautiful things in the world are the deadly ones. 

In a 2014 study, Ralph Saporito of John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio, researched that mother frogs themselves provide their tiny tadpoles with poison. The tadpoles absorb the toxin and become poisonous themselves.

Frogs feed their tadpoles on their unfertilized eggs, and this food source of toad supplies them poison. “Mom can provide them a defense by placing alkaloids in the eggs,” says Saporito. Supplying poison to toads is necessary for making their defense system. 

The Golden Poison Dart Frog 

The Golden Poison Dart Frog is one of the most famous poisonous frog species. It is not only considered the most toxic frog of all species but it is also known as one of the most poisonous animals in the world. Its scientific name is Phyllobatesterribilis which itself shows how harmful a tiny creature could be. Single dart frog is poisonous enough to neutralize 10 grown men. This strong creature is an endangered one, due to habitat loss and pollution. It keeps its poison in glands beneath its skin, so any reckless human taking a bite would be in trouble immediately. Other poison dart frogs are far less toxic than the golden poison frog, and only a handful of species pose a risk to humans.

According to an account Published in 1978 Local people would “catch the frogs in the woods, and confine them in a hollow cane.” When they needed poison, they would take a frog and “pass a pointed piece of wood down his throat, and out at one of his legs.”

Corroboree Frog 

Corroboree Frog is different from all other species of poisonous frogs. Frogs got toxins from their prey, but unlike other frogs, the corroboree frog produces its poison. These frogs are not found in rainforests, they are mostly found in sub-alpine areas of Australia. It is the first vertebrate discovered that produces its alkaloids, and like other animals uses its poison for its self-defense. Sadly, this frog species is also critically endangered for the past 3 decades due to chytrid fungus, pollution, and increasing tourism. 

Golfodulcean Poison Frog

Golfodulcean Poison Frog is a beautiful creature that belongs to the genus Phyllobates. It is the fourth most toxic member. Researchers are yet unable to identify the source of their poison. However, it is observed that poison is gathered from outsourcing and not produced by the frog itself. Its poison can even cause paralysis. It is mostly found in Coast Rica and endangered due to habitat loss. 

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog is not the most toxic out there. but it is the most toxic of its genus, Orphanage. This species is usually bright red with 15 to 30 different color morphs ranging from red to blue to green. These striking colors show that this species of frog is toxic. Like other poisonous frogs, the strawberry poison dart frog drives its toxicity from its diet. In captivity theses, frogs lose their poison. 

Above discussed are some of the prominent poisonous species of frogs. However, it should be noted that there is a clear difference between poisonous and venomous frogs. Poisonous frogs will poison you only when you touch them and touch your mouth or eyes when you lick them or at them. On the other hand, venomous frogs also exist. These frogs do not inject their venom through the bite. Instead, they got some techniques to pierce the skin of their prey or predator and inject their venom via their spiny head.  So it is observed that there are poisonous and venomous frog species still, they do not inject their poison or venom via a bite. 

What To Do When A Frog Bites You?

 As above discussed, there two possibilities for why a frog can bite a human. Once if they mistake owners’ hand for food. secondly, if they feel threatened or frightened. Frogs are shy by nature and avoid getting in contact with human beings even they are free or in the enclosure. Despite that, some species never mind biting a human if they feel fearful. 

An adult frog with a razor sharped teeth and a strong jaw may draw some of your blood with its bite. It will be painful too, but probably you don’t need to rush to any emergency department of your locality’s hospital. It is not that serious to pay attention. All you need for an instant is an antiseptic wipe to clean the affected area and a band-aid to stop the little blood from coming out. Remember, this is not a piece of medical advice. In case you feel the constant increase in pain or your blood keeps flowing. Call emergency helpline or visit a local hospital if you feel the need to consult a medical professional.

‘Do Frogs Bite?’ Final Verdict

There are just a couple of reasons for which a frog will bite you. A frog’s bite may cause a little pain and draw some blood. Stay calm, don’t get panic, Wash the attacked area and apply a band-aid. Avoid wiggling your finger in front of your frog’s mouth. Feed it with the help of a tong. This could be the safest way for you and your pet.

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