Yakkity Yak

Whoever would have felt that existence with a Yak could be so astonishing? We are barely 3 years down our Yak Family experience when we got Solo, our first little child. Yaks were generally incomprehensible in many pieces of the nation. Abruptly, they appear to be all over the place, remembering for the tables of the absolute best cafés in Santa Fe, NM!

So how did this experience start?

At the point when my dear companion, columnist/picture taker Jacob Baynham, went to northern Afghanistan to venture to every part of the Teeth of the Pamirs, he rode a ”Mountain 4 Wheel Drive” the last not many days…. to cite from his Afghan Letters, ”We kept riding for five days, remaining with shepherds stayed outdoors at the base of the snows. One day we rode yaks to climb a 15,500 foot snowbound pass that would have been incomprehensible for steeds to climb. The yaks were expansive sponsored and durable, moving over the stone and ice like a four-wheel drive vehicle. From time to time they would cry to one another, creepy seems like orcs.”

Yaks were just exquisite glancing critters in far away Tibet or China, seen uniquely in photographs or in old artistic creations. Yaks were not something I had ever envisioned being in our very own back yard!

At that point one night, viewing NatGeo on Dish Network, they had a unique called Impossible Journeys ”The Travelers.” A stunning story of a youngster named Karma and his family, voyaging several miles from Saldang, a little town in NW Nepal, to Hurikot in the south of the nation. They put in a couple of warm a very long time in Saldang, gathering salt, which they would pack on their yak (about 100 aggregate in their group). Before the snow would get excessively profound, they would then make a beeline for the market in Hurikot with their enormous salt band, conveying the life-blood mineral for people and creatures.

We had seen a crowd of yaks close to the New Mexico State Prison, only a couple of miles from our home. Only a couple of days in the wake of viewing the NatGeo extraordinary, the proprietor of the yak crowd called to inquire as to whether we would have the option to think about a child yak whose mother was not sustaining him enough. Leia (as we came to call her) would nurture infant Solo (truly, he was disregarded a great deal of the time), at that point meander out to the enormous field with the group, while Solo would wait under a shrubbery, dozing cheerily in solitude.

After only two or three weeks, the proprietor of the yak crowd became worried that Solo would starve to death; how might we oppose helping such a little person? ”In the event that you could simply sustain him for two or three days until I can orchestrate something,” said our companion, ”at that point I can take him off your hands.” HA! Might we be able to ever relinquish such a charming, fluffy heap of vitality? Solo would have been a piece of our family for a mind-blowing remainder!

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